Man Wears A Wig And Mocks Natural Horsemanship – Funny or Not?

There are people who love natural horsemanship and people who hate it. There are also a lot of people who simply don’t understand it. Dave “Showtime” Meyer is back as his character, The Horse Screamer to mock natural horsemanship.

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  1. Christina

    Def not funny. Not even entertaining. “Natural Horsemanship” develops such an in depth and powerful connection with your horse. There are folks who don’t understand it, and may not even agree with it, fine, thats their right. There are also people, such as myself, who live for it and is our passion. It’s soul food. Some things you just don’t make fun of. There are many things out there that don’t strike my fancy, but I don’t mock it because that is likely someone’s passion and when you bash it, it’s like stabbing their soul.


      He’s not making fun of natural horsemanship, he’s making fun of the fake women out there, that snap as soon as their horse does something wrong. He’s a great horseman, and a great guy, he’s making fun of hypocrisy!


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