Jockey Punches Horse – Receives Two-Week Suspension

An Australian Jockey was caught on camera jumping off his horse and then punching her.  He was riding She’s Reneldasgirl at Port Lincoln Racecourse.  They appeared to be having a hard time leading the horse up to the starting gate when the jockey, Dylan Caboche, jumped off and punched her.  Thoroughbred Racing South Australia suspended Caboche for two weeks. “It is hoped this penalty—which will remain on the rider’s record and will impact his earning ability—will send a strong signal to others,” the group said in a statement.  Video of the incident below.

The jockey has apologized for the incident:

“I want to genuinely, sincerely and unreservedly apologise to everyone for my actions. I understand what I did was completely unacceptable. My apology goes to the horse’s connections, my fellow jockeys, Thoroughbred Racing SA, the racing public and to the wider community in general,” Caboche said.

“Any explanation dealing with why it happened can’t possibly condone what I did. I’m just so disappointed in myself. I understand and accept that no matter how difficult my mount was, it can’t justify what I did.”

She’s Reneldasgirl finished the 10-horse race in eighth place.  Source,

4 Responses

  1. Pamela Almand

    Should have been banned then he would have turned into a drunk and then he’d have some lame excuse as to why he is the ignorant abuser he probably is on and OFF the track

  2. Ak Equine

    Hmmmm! It’s a horse! They kick each other, they bite each other, a “correction” in his side from a jockey? Is not allowed? Half of the bits used in hoses mouths are probably way worse than this little reminder. By the way I don’t use bits, just a rope halter.

    • Anonymous

      Not to condone his behavior, but we all had our moments where we behaved badly. Good for him to own it. I believe his apology to be heartfelt. Keyboard warriors to cast the first stone.

  3. C

    AK Equine, his actions were pure maliciousness. Do not compare it to what other horses do to each other. In no way shape or form, should this be allowed. I’m so disgusted with you all that make excuses for this behavior. What does he do to the horse in the stall away from others????? Cut the crap. Wrong is wrong and he should be banned.


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