Miniature Horse Eating Out Of A High Chair Sparks Internet Outrage

A video of a miniature horse eating carrots out of a high chair recently went viral on Facebook.  Many people find the video adorable and cute while others find it abusive and outrageous.  Angela wrote in the comments, “This is just full on animal abuse. I mean seriously, how is this funny? The back of this animal will hurt and so many things can go wrong… This is just …. ugh.. I have no good words for who ever did this.”  Dawn wrote, “Understanding the anatomy of a horses gut, digestive system and the position of the organs would tell you NEVER to do this!!! 😡😡

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While there are many people who are appalled by the video, there are others who defend the video. Lizzi wrote, “The horse has megaesophagus, which is a condition that doesn’t allow food to be passed down the esophagus correctly. Sitting in the chair allows gravity to pass the food down the esophagus into the stomach.” Laura replied, What a load of bollocks. Horses certainly do not need to sit in a baby chair for mega oesophagus and on top of that it would NEVER BE FED BITS OF CARROT!”

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3 Responses

  1. Dawn

    So, in the interest of having all of the information, does someone have the means to track down the person who originally filmed this and get the facts? Does the horse have Megasophagus (ME)? Was it in the high chair to help it eat, or was this just to be cute and treating it like a toy? If it’s the latter, then yes…this was a poor choice. If it’s the former, and the horse needs to eat like this to help its food move past its esophagus, then it may be necessary. Clearly the horse has dwarfism. It’s entirely possible that it has other health issues. But everything is speculation until the horse’s owner can shed some light on the situation.

    • Anonymous

      It was explained after the first person who thought it was abuse commented. Others also gave the medical name of the disease. I was one who did and assumed those being so rude would at least Google Mesaesophagus and learn about it but apparently most didn’t bother.


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