Miniature Horses Meet Toy Horse – Watch Their Reaction

Sunset Mountain Miniatures introduced their herd to a toy horse and filmed how they reacted. They wrote, “Watch as some of the miniature horses at Sunset Mountain Miniatures meet a toy horse. “It sounds like a horse? It looks like a horse? But it doesn’t smell or act like a horse…” Some scientists believe that horse vision is essentially 2-D on the sides. Which means anything that is horse shaped can be considered to be a horse.

They continued to write, “The bravest horses are Lucky (a large dark chestnut and white gelding driving horse), MoonDust (one of our black and white champion driving mares) and Sunshine (a small white and sorrel halter mare). Also visible are Glory (a tiny black and white filly out of Larry), MocahDoodle (a small paint filly next to Glory), Kissy (a black and white jumper mare), and Sobe (a large sorrel and white champion driving mare).”

I wonder if they thought the toy was a foal? An alien? Who knows! What do you think? Share this on Facebook if you love horses!

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