Missing Horse Found At Kill Pen – Please Share And Help Find His Owner

This horse was turned into a kill pen, but the person who turned him in doesn’t know who he belongs to.  Thankfully the someone stepped in to rescue him.  They are now trying to find his owners.

Please contact the Equine Assistance Project if you know who this horse belongs to or are interested in adopting him should he become available.  Please SHARE this on Facebook to help find his owners!

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I’m confused: Isn”t it illegal to sell srolen “goods?” Isn’t that called “fencing?” They are either fencing, or making story up, which is fraud. Do we enable their sociopathic behavior by colluding with them?

  2. Anonymous

    It is against the law to sell something that does not belong to you. Both this kill pen lot owner and the old lady (I don’t give a ratts butt how old she is) could get into trouble for selling and or giving away a horse that does not legally belong to either of them. And call me cold but I hope they both get in trouble.


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