Mule With Gaits You’ve Never Seen – INCREDIBLE!

It’s unclear the exact breed of this horse.  Some assume he’s a cross between a Mule and a Paso Fino, others think he’s a Gaited Mule, and then there are people who have no idea.  Regardless of his breed, he looks incredibly smooth to ride.  He is going so fast and his rider’s seat doesn’t move one bit.

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  1. Leah

    Being as mules cannot cross with anything, the animal IS a mule. A cross between a jack donkey and a horse. His gait looks to be something akin to a rack, but based on the tack it is a Brazilian mule. Most likely a Pega jack crossed on a Mangalarga mare.

  2. deluxe

    ugh, what is the point of this? artificial gaits are against the natural movement of the animal and nothing to be ‘amazed’ by. It’s a form of cruelty, to make an animal move in a way it would not normally move in nature. And it’s a mule. It’s wrong to say nobody knows what it is. Clearly it’s a mule.

    • Shannon H.

      If this is mule is not being forced into artificiality by chemical and shoeing methods ala the “Big Lick,” then what is the problem? Many horses and mules are naturally gaited without those things.

    • horsefan

      A mule is a cross between a jack and a horse. The breed of horse that created this animal is what is in question. Obviously it was a gaited breed, which created this gaited mule. And these gaits are natural in these breeds, not man taught, or influenced as in the Big Lick.

    • Valerie

      It’s not an artificial gait. The dam must’ve been a pacer. They move as fast as horse does at a gallop and like sitting on a cloud they’re so smooth. Standardbred I believe.

  3. Winnie

    Look’s like the mule is in pas a gait the Icelandic horse have the 2 side legs are moving forward lick a camel

  4. Bozz Scaggs

    How can a website called “horseaholic” suggest the gaited mule is a Paso and mule cross!? That’s pure ignorance and I say that without apology. It makes me question who actually runs this site. Also, to write as if it’s far-fetched for a mule to be gaited makes no sense. Gaited mules are not uncommon and a mule that speed racks is greatly valued. 60 seconds of and internet search would bear this out. Finally, just how many gaits were we supposed to see not counting the few times the speed rack broke for a stride or two? regarding a comment posted above, I’m not sure the video was speeded up judging by hand movements of the rider. If it was it was a small increase. Given that racking horses have hit speeds in a speed rack faster than good thoroughbreds (in a short burst) it’s easier to appreciate the thought that we may be looking at a 30 mph mule.


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