Never Tie Horses With The Reins

This is why you should never tie horses with the reins.  It is a dangerous situation waiting to happen.  Bart Sirman wrote on Facebook, “Let’s talk about one of my biggest pet peeves. I’ll be at a roping and see people get off their horse, leave them bridled, and tie them with the reins or loop the reins over the fence. One horse gets to kicking or biting another horse and boom, horse spooks and sits back. That bit in his mouth is basically a knife at that point. Don’t do that please. I know you think I’m just going over here to pay another entry, and I’ll be back in like 30 seconds. It can happen. (This mare got loose and stepped on her bridle reins, but the same outcome occurred)”

Source: Bart Sirman Facebook

I can’t even imagine the pain this poor mare was in.  This injury was totally preventable! Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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