Passion For Horses Is Not Learned Behavior; We Are Born With It!

Girl hugging a horse“Why are you so obsessed with riding and horses? I don’t get it” said my parents, husband and my few non-horsey friends. I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t thrilled to my very core every time I saw a horse charging across a field or a movie screen. What these people miss is the fact that the passion for horses is not learned behavior; it is inborn.

From a very young age we get high on the smell of freshly cut hay and leather. We consider picking out a stall quiet therapy and cover our equine partners muzzles in kisses. Horse people choose their horse’s quarters and vets with more scrutiny than their own homes. Our horses aren’t ever”just horses”. They are our therapists, our wings and our best friends.

My husband only understood the depth of the relationship with my horse when I lost my beloved Paso Fino to a lethal colic. He stood helplessly by as I hugged Prospero’s lifeless head and cried as a piece of my being was wrenched from my body. I always told him my heart belonged to him, but my soul belonged to my horse. That night he finally understood…..

Written By Linda Lombardi. Share this on Facebook if you were born with a passion for horses!

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