Here’s To The Horses Who Change Our World

To my very first horse, the one who changed my world.  You taught me more than I can ever imagine and the whole time you let me think I was the one teaching you.  Here’s to you and all of the others like you!

The horses who nicker when they see us.

Nakoma, the horse who changed my world.

The horses who forgive our mistakes.

The horses who challenge us to be the best riders we can.

The horses who always give their best.

The horses who teach us about life.

The horses who work so hard so that we can accomplish our dreams.

The horses who may not be the easiest to ride, but ever time we sit on their back they teach us something new.

The horses who are always there to lean on, listen, and make us feel better no matter what’s going on.

The horses who can always put a smile on our faces.

The horses who love us unconditionally.

The horses who teach us who we are.

Here’s to all the horses who change our world.  They teach us so much more than just how to ride.  They teach us about life, love, and who we are.  Share this on Facebook if a horse has changed your world!

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