Prepare For Goosebumps….Watch This Horse Tribute

“Horses, If God made anything more beautiful he kept it for himself”. This tribute to horses is truly majestic. If you like this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook and brighten their day too!

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    • Jacq

      Congrats to the riders and their horses captured here – they reflect our feelings. Thanks for creating such emotion for us to enjoy. xo

    • Carolyn

      Fantastic editing and GORGEOUS video…I’ve watched it over 100 times at least and have shared it with my FB friends. Horses are God’s gift to mankind, we are blessed to have a creature such as the Horse that makes the World a beautiful place and fills our hearts…

  1. Neville

    A very impressive footage of one of the most graceful animals we have on this planet, just as a matter of interest Port Elizabeth South Africa, has monument of a horse and a English soldier during the Boer War, the English soldier is giving the horse water from a bucket, and this monument was erected in honour to all the horses that played the part in the South African conflicts before the great war and during the great war and I think that this is the only monument in the African continent, but I am not sure how this reflects globally, unfortunately with South African internal conflicts and the attitude of the black people towards colonialism, a black party called the EFF, and headed by an individual by the name of Julius Malema, a very close friend of Robert Mugabe, enticed his followers to try and destroy the monument but fortunately only the soldier and the water bucket was damaged and is in the process of being restored, hoping nothing else befalls it


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