World Champion Disqualified From Calgary Stampede For Mistreatment Of Horse

Texas Roper Tuf Cooper has been disqualified from the Calgary Stampede for mistreatment of his horse during his run in the above video. “The six judges, along with Calgary Stampede officials, unanimously made the decision to disqualify Cooper after seeing him repeatedly and aggressively using his rope on his horse during the run,” said Kristina Barnes, a spokeswoman for the Stampede, in an email.

“The Calgary Stampede takes its animal care protocols very seriously and enforces them among anyone who handles animals on Stampede Park, whether its staff, volunteers or competitors.”

Tuf Cooper is a World Champion Roper with over 1 million dollars in earnings. Do you think that Tuf deserved to be eliminated from the competition? Do you think the way he whipped his horse was abusive?

The one thing that comes to my mind is American Pharoah – he was whipped 31 times down the stretch for that win and Victor Espinoza is viewed as a hero. Do you think there is a difference between the way Espinoza treated his horse and Cooper’s treatment? I’m not justifying either, it just seems that there’s a double standard in the way people view treatment of horses. Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to Share this on Facebook!


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  1. Brenda

    Double standard or not there are rules in all Equestrian sporting events it’s just that they are not enforced and it’s about time someone started enforcing them!!! So as for the above video, in my opinion it was well deserved.

    • duane stefan

      yes he got what he deserved.somebody should of videoed him till he got the horse to the trailer. sure it did not end there. that was the worst that i have seen from him. lost a lot of respect for him. his dad would not have done that.

  2. Barbara

    Disqualification deserved / he hit the horse after he realized he was going to miss the calf. What I saw was pure frustration and the horse shut down when hit.

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100 percent. He took his frustration out on his poor horse. He deserves what he got. The thing that worries me is if he can do that in front of a crowd of people, what does he do when no one is around? Poor horse!

  3. Wanda

    Horse was doing his best, but I would suggest that the horse is apprehensive because of how he is treated. Getting hit with a rope would be enough to keep the horse from giving that extra 2% it takes to win at this level of competition. So frustration on the part of the human and a bit of fear on the part of the horse, means no payday.

  4. Jacque

    This is the same view seen of at least a few ropers every rodeo. This is nothing new. If that is the case horse whips should be illegal. Tuf did what most in that seen would do. Unjustified in my opinion. Not abuse, just a regular rodeo.

  5. Joan

    OMG – give you horse a little RESPECT* He is already doing the best job he can. Let me saddle you up and IF I think you are not doing what I want you to LET ME WHIP YOU AND SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT. Any animal puts their TRUST IN YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU SHOW THEM YOU LOVE EM.. Not in my barn and NOT WITH MY HORSES* I am 71 yrs young and have owned a horse since I was 12 .. NEVER IN MY LIFETIME HAVE I EVER harmed an animal – Because I LOVE THEM AND RESPECT THEM

  6. Nett

    Iffy call, but he wasn’t going to win anything anyway, so a good opportunity to let the cowboys know that you don’t train your horse in the show, do it before you get there and you won’t have this problem.


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