PSA For Anyone Horse Shopping

It seems that there are two extremes when horse shopping, those that only want to buy from big breeders and those that only want cheap, which end up buying from backyard breeders.  This leads to small high-quality breeders being left in the middle and forced to suffer the consequences.

For the former group, please realize that small breeders often have the same high quality of broodmares and spend the same amount of time (if not more) with their babies.
Each baby for us is not just one of 10 or 20. Each is special and we know them through and through. We know their personalities and especially their quirks. For my fellow small breeders, we often spend hours and nights watching over our mares or stressing about every cough. No mare or baby is disposable if it becomes sick. We fight for each life because of the love and care we have invested. We ensure that each baby has their vaccinations done on time and we leave records with future dates of vaccines when sold.

Small breeders often have the same quality of babies with, at least, the same amount of care and passion invested as big breeders. Not to mention that we also pay into all programs and nominations to ensure the success of our babies.  Our prices are also often cheaper and we are more than willing to work with clients to ensure that everyone is happy.  Big breeders, please keep in mind that you were once small breeders. Whenever possible please give advice and steer customers to small breeders (when you don’t have anything that would work).

In addition, when we make a sale we spend it on bills, college tuition, and making our business better. We price our babies based on their quality in conformation, paperwork, mind, training, and poetical. Although our prices may be “high” for some, realize that we have so much invested in each baby. We as small breeders believe in each foal.

For the latter group, please keep in mind that although cheap is great, they are often able to be at such low prices because they have almost no money invested. Almost always their mares are unproven and the sires are nothing special. These are often breeders who are just looking to make a quick turn around and make money. This is the time for the cliche that you get what you pay for. These types of breeders often don’t have the same amount of care or time invested. These people often don’t spend money for vaccinations, worming, or vet fees for illnesses. They are just in to make as much as a profit as possible in as little time as possible. They don’t put the foals or mares as a priority. They often breed to a stallion with a $250 stud fee just because it’s cheap and/or pretty.

Quality breeders spend hours and hours finding the right stallion to complement their mare. Even more so, they spend years searching for the right broodmare with an amazing produce and/or personal record. We take pride in our breeding programs and make sure that each foal would be one that we would want to retain ourselves. We go into debt to pay for a surgery for a broodmare or foal simply because we love them and can’t bear to give up on them. They are not just foals or mares to us. They are our family and our companions. Ones that we believe will go far in the world.

Just some things to keep in mind for anyone horse shopping. Try to buy from a small breeder. Written By, Macie Yagley.  Please Share to spread the word!

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