Rider Responds To Internet Outrage After Doing This At World Cup Jumping Finals

Pénélope Leprévost was warming up the horse, Vagabond De La Pomme during the World Cup Jumping Final on Monday, March 28th. FEItv Livestream was filming Round 3 and between jumping rounds the cameras often switch to the warm up arena. It was during one of these breaks that the camera caught Leprevost on the horse Vagabond De La Pomme.

Vagabond De La Pomme tripped onto his knees and hit his face on the ground. He was able to recover and then you see Leprévost look back at his hind end. After that she proceeds to spur him forward then halt him really sharply in the mouth over and over again.

The incident has caused an internet outrage. People are completely disgusted by the way she handled this situation. Leprévost released this statement on her Facebook page to address the issue:

“People have been upset by images broadcast via social networks of my horse Vagabond de la Pomme who nearly fell during the warm-up before the World Cup Final in Gothenburg.

My horse was trotting, very relaxed and with his head down, when he stumbled. It was actually quite frightening and I really thought that both of us were going to fall down. I immediately checked that he was not injured. I then wanted him to pull himself together. My goal was to wake him up but not to push him too hard. The French team’s vet also checked that he was fine and had no problems.

I am deeply sorry that I over-reacted and was too strong with my horse and I want to express my sincere apologies.
I place great importance on the trust and cooperation between myself and my horses. I also have the greatest respect for their state of mind and their physical well-being”

The FEI confirmed that the steward at the warm up arena had made a report to the Chief Steward, and commented:

“The FEI is looking into the full circumstances of the incident in which the French horse Vagabond de la Pomme stumbled very badly prior to the first round of Monday’s competition and the rider, Penelope Leprevost, reacted very roughly. The FEI Steward on duty in the warm-up reported the incident to the FEI and also to the FEI Chief Steward.”

“The French team vet Jérôme Thévenot also saw the horse stumbling, but felt that the horse was fine to go into the arena. Vagabond de la Pomme was clear in the first round, and was given a thorough check over in the stables afterwards by Jérôme Thévenot, who reported that the horse was perfectly fine.”

“Horse welfare is central to everything the FEI does, and is also a priority for both the Swedish National Federation and the organising committee of the Gothenburg Horse Show. The FEI’s Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse is in place to ensure that horse welfare is protected at all FEI events.”

Article Source, NoelleFloyd.com. How do you think Leprévost should have handled the situation in the first place? Do you feel like her apology is acceptable? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Leprévost ended up finishing 8th overall in the World Cup Finals.  Share this on Facebook if you believe that behavior like this should NOT be rewarded.