Rooster Lunges Horse And He’s Better Than Most People!

I never thought i’d see a rooster lunging a horse, but today’s the day. This rooster doesn’t just lunge a horse, he does it well. One person commented, “Funny how the chicken always stayed behind the horse’s shoulder except when she tried to execute a change in direction. The chicken understands body language better than some people I know!! LMAO”

Another person commented, “You should teach your rooster to do ground work 😂😂😂. The best part is this horse actually starts to work better!” What do you think? Does the Rooster understand body language better than some people?

2 Responses

  1. Laurie Higgins

    The rooster is merely protecting his own space and being a rooster. Notice that at one point, the rooster turns sideways to the horse. That is universal body language for “I’m no threat”. Look for these points of universality of body language.

    • Laurie

      My sister and I had a rooster that truly loved walking on a leash! He was low man in the pecking order and glad to get away from boss rooster. Had to take him every time we wanted to stroll. Lol


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