Runaway Draft Horses Cause A Wreck And The Announcer Keeps Everyone Calm

Faulty equipment caused a runaway during the Michigan Great Lakes Int’l draft horse pull. The scared horses all had equipment attached to them with heightened their fear, and then the other horses in the ring were set off.

It was a bad situation, but the announcer, Carlene Davis, did an amazing job of keeping the crowd calm and under control. At the end of the video, an ambulance was called, but there weren’t any serious injuries. I felt so bad for the horses, I was happy to see them stroking their horse’s faces and trying to keep them calm at the end of the video.

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Accident can happen at anytime with anmals. The situation was handled well. It could have been a lot worse.

  2. Anonymous

    I think no as longer as there is a reasonable weight limit for the horses to pull. I have an issue with draft horse pulling when they are expected to pull a weight that is too heavy for them [the horses]. Apart from this, I do not think it is cruel at all

  3. Suzanne Bonham

    I am taking a risk at talking about this but… please bear with me, as I have my beliefs and I respect yours if they don’t jive with mine… and – during an expert hypnosis session I was regressed to a past life of my higher self’s choosing for me to see – I experienced a life as a draught horse on a working farm. I had an intense love of horses during this current lifetime but in my younger days I was not around them and did not grow up around them, in fact my parents thought they were dangerous for me and I was prohibited from being around horses. So this opinion comes exclusively from my experience in remembering this former lifetime. I felt so powerful, so strong, so useful. I had clean water to drink, grain to eat, fresh grass and the occasional molasses treat, and human companions. I had a heavy mill wheel to turn, plows to pull, sleds with rocks on them, logs, people… All of it was ideal. I felt tremendous sense of pride in my strength and ability to pull. I was given heavy loads but always felt this sense of “I got this”. Horses are some of the most magnificent animals. Since that regression I have felt compelled to watch draught horses pulling logs, trucks whatever. So much love for these creatures. Strong opinion they like what they do as long as they are treated with kindness. Just like a human, if they are given an athletic challenge and a chance to rise to the occasion… to show off… I just feel – they are so much wiser and know so much more than we think. Give ’em affection, clean water and grain. They LOVE to work.

    • Patty M

      Thanks for sharing your insights, Suzanne. I have never liked horse shows, mainly because of the over-importance of winning over the kind treatment of the horses. I feel that an event such as this is better held outdoors rather than in an arena, especially with so many horses of this size. They deserve so much better than what they get so often! This could have ended badly, as there are so many humans who do not know how to be around horses safely. The announcer did an excellent job!


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