Stall Cleaner Rated Worst Job In America



On the list of 10 worst Jobs In America, Stable cleaner is rated #1 according to  The full list is below:

1)  Stable Cleaner
2)  Meter Maid/Mall Cop
3)  Embalmer
4)  Bathroom Towel Dispenser/Attendant
5)  Disney Paid Intern
6)  DMV Employee/Driving Test Administrator
7)  Janitor For Restaurant/School
8)  Grave Digger
9)  Construction Worker/Roofer
10)  Customer Service Representative

Maybe it’s the horseaholic in me, but I’d rather clean stalls than anything on this list!  Do you think that stall cleaner is the worst job in America?

To read the full article Click Here.   Share this on Facebook if you’ve cleaned so many stalls it doesn’t even feel like a “job” anymore…it just feels like life!


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