Surprise TWINS For This Mama & Her Owners

This broodmare was looking extra big, but the ultrasound only showed one foal.  The owner’s got a big surprise when foaling day arrived!

Source: Mitey Frenchman Facebook

Mitey Frenchman wrote on Facebook, “First 2018 foals are here, 3/10/18 when I say foals cause you see correctly this mare was so big because she was carrying twins which were missed on her ultrasound. She has them all by herself and she is such an amazing mommy!! We got to meet them last night. So far so good with these two beautiful twins! We will keep praying for them to grow big and strong 💪 in to amazing champions like their parents 😍”

Source: Mitey Frenchman Facebook

Source, Mitey Frenchman Facebook.  What an AMAZING MAMA!  Twins can be a scary situation and I’m so glad that nature took the reins and everyone is safe and happy.  Share this on Facebook if you are too!

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