The Cutest Mini Ever Will SHOCK You With His Dressage Moves!

When you think of Dressage, you think of big, strong, horses moving with their riders every command effortlessly. What would you say if I could change everything you have ever thought about dressage with one video? In the video below Lancelot the mini will show you that you don’t have to be big or ridden to do Dressage.

Lancelot is a miniature horse with the markings of an appy.  He may be little but his ego is as big as any dressage horse. Lancelot’s owner uses driving reins to give the cues, they show off doing piaffe’s, extentions, they even add their own twist by laying down, rearing , and even sitting up!

The cutest part is when the crowd claps and cheers for him you can see him puff up and show off more. This is the happiest pony showing off his Dressage moves!

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