The Key To Balance In Loping With Todd Bergen

Todd Bergen is a renowned reining trainer and competitor. In his lifetime he has achieved the $4 Million Dollar Rider, $2+ Million in NRHA and $2+ Million in NRCHA, AQHA, and NCHA and his titles are list a mile long. He not only is a very accomplished trainer and competitor he also is a very kind man that lends a helping hand when needed. In this video he explaines the dynamics of a lope and how it’s a three beat gait.

When loping a horse you need to consider that they need even strides, none of his body parts working against him and consistency. Todd explains it as if the horse was inside a box or a frame, if a body part of the horse is pushing against that box something is not working correctly. Having all the parts work together allows for a pretty picture when you are doing your big fasts, small slows and those run downs for your mile longs slides!

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