This Amazing Miniature Horse Is Called “A Cane With A Brain”

Tonka is an amazing miniature horse service animal trained for mobility support. He is fondly referred to as “a cane with a brain” because of the great job he does as a mobility assistance animal. Tonka’s owner has balance issues associated with MS. He helps her with with her balance while walking, when sitting, standing, changes in terrain, stepping up and down curbs, retrieving a dropped item and, in the event that she does fall, he is there to assist her in getting back up. He provides calming effect that a cane or a scooter can’t. He also offers independence and an amazing partnership! They can offer independence and a partnership which can result in renewed confidence when facing day to day challenges.

Not only is Tonka an amazing service animal, he’s also as cute as can be 🙂 Share this on Facebook if you think Tonka is amazing!

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