Video: Girl Is Reunited With Lost Horse After 4 Year Search

Erika searched four years to find her lost horse Sunny who was sold at auction without her knowledge, then a miracle happened…Share this on Facebook if you believe in miracles 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. Bobbie Jo

    How sweet <3 What I wouldnt give to have the ssame outcome mare and her 2 year old colt were stolen in March of 2009 and I have never stopped searching..there have been hundred of responses follwed by enormous heartbreak everytime I go look at one of the horses and its not either of them..congrats, I know how happy you were <3

  2. Barbara

    A real love story. Never give up and keep praying. Miracles can happen.

  3. Kathy

    Where are you located? I lived in VA for 15 years and your Mom looks like someone I knew.
    I am so very happy for you. I have a horse named Sonny Money. He is more of a pasture pet, but my life would not be complete without him!


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