View From Under A Horse While Jumping – Girth Camera!!!!

This is a totally unique perspective on jumping and I think it’s really cool! I love seeing how the horse moves from this angle! If you like this video too, share it on Facebook with your friends!

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  1. Brittany B.

    That’s not even a real horse, guys. Jeez, it’s so obvious. The way the chestnut “horse” moves it’s legs is completely unnatural and the knees stay in one position the whole time and the forelegs move funny – not at all like a horse. Besides, watch the shadow of the “horse” closely, especially towards the end just before the dark bay passes by – the shadow is entirely too wide and large for a horse, especially an athlete.

    Come on, be real horse people. Use your brain and your heart. The freaking “horse” was mechanical.

    • Scruffy

      This is a real horse you fool. Its an actual show ring at competition. Do you honestly think theyd allow a mechanical horse in? You mustnt know a lot of the horses body and movement if u think its fake.
      Come on, be a real horse person.

    • Kalar Walters

      Probably a camera with a slightly “panoramic” lens….makes the horse look bowlegged on top of everything else.

  2. Fabiana

    kargi mxoecubis rcheva daigebebi amovida yelshi. gvesmis ro gamocdileba bevrs shveba, magram axali dro modis da taobebi icvlebian, amas ver sheeguvnen ra. ://


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