Watch Mini Donkey Meet New Friends – His Reaction Is Priceless!

Murray gets to meet Guiness the BLM burro. Little Murray stole my heart and cracked me up at the same time! If you like this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook and brighten their day!

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  1. Char

    This is such a sweet sound. One night at Bishop Mule Days, I just went to the barns (dark, minimal lighting), sate on a hay bale, listened to the band in the stands and was soothed by the mule sand donkeys talking to each other.

  2. Deb

    Not familiar with donkeys and their behaviors….the “screaming” seems to be an excited, happy vocalization; am I wrong? How about the nose-touching, “snuffing”? A greeting? A get-to-know-you? The horse doesn’t appear to appreciate too much of any of the interaction but, again, I’m not well-versed in their behaviors either. Any info would be welcome 🙂

    • Teresa

      Yep, the little dude is really REALLY happy to see the other. And the nose sniffing is also a way to get to know each other.
      Good call on the horse – it’s not all that interested.

  3. Yuma burro lover

    I have never heard a burro scream so much! Too funny – but interesting behavior! Is Murray a jack or is he gelded? I live in a neighborhood with several burros (including my own sweet Sugarburra) and they all seem very quiet in comparison!

    Murray is really cute – but if anyone watching this video thinks they should breed minis (or any special burros) please DON’T – there are so many who need good homes, so many in neglectful situations, so many who are stuck in backyards, being fed crap, not getting their feet trimmed (a horrible problem for donkeys), and not getting the emotional attention they need – don’t breed, adopt.

    For those of you who have horses but not burros – get a burro and fall in love. They are sweet and brilliant in ways you have never suspected. They are good companions for horses, too.

  4. Tabitha

    Murray is a rescue and he is a gelding. Anytime he is excited he is excessively vocal. I know some folks find it annoying but it is actually quite adorable.


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