Watch One Of The Most Athletic Horses I’ve Ever Seen!

This horse is so quick on his feet and athletic it’s truly remarkable!  He won the NRHA Futurity and the NRHA Derby and it’s easy to see why!  If you’d like to ride a horse like this, Share this on Facebook!

8 Responses

  1. Wendy

    This horse is amazing but he looks really angry while he is working. I would have a hard time reading his body language as he looks all bunchy and cross. He is swift and gorgeous though!

    • Marilyn

      How do these horses go with soundness problems. Whilst it looks great I often wonder cause horses don’t look happy.

  2. Anonymous

    This horse is beautiful and obviously well disciplined. I don’t know much about horses, but wouldn’t the sudden stopping at such a high speed do damage to this horses legs? I have great respect for both riders and horses, I am just curious if it’s hard on the horse. Beautiful animal for sure though.

    • Anonymous

      No this doesn’t do damage to the horses legs when they slide to a stop. You are not able to see it (I am a horse person and it is even a little hard for me) but the legs are actually “walking” with the stop. These horses get treated with the best care around from magnetic blankets to ease/prevent any kind of soreness. These horses are treated like royalty because they do their jobs and they do them well. 🙂 hope that helped a little bit.

  3. Seadonna

    Actually this does end up causing issues to hocks stifels and knees. That poor horse doesn’t know how to extend and he is uncomfortable… You can see it in his body language… Looks off on the left lead

    • JM

      as well, rider needs to do a two hand stop. pulling back on the reins with one hand, gives an uneven pull on the mouth……………..

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