Watch The Annual Running Of The Horses Event – I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It!

The Tal Michael Memorial Running of the Horses Event in Browning, Montana. Horses run for a very short distance and are taken home after to try and prevent injury. Do you think this event is Spectacular or were you worried the horses were going to get hurt the whole time? Personally I like to air on the side of caution and when I watch this I think “please don’t hurt yourselves” the whole time. Cement scares me!

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  1. Katzarr Montgomery

    stupid idea; if you care about your horse(s), this is NOT a good idea; have seen this in person, on a smaller amount of horses, one of them fell, causing ones behind to step on, and fall over,; the lead horse that fell, had to be shot right on the street, due to a broken leg,; all this took place in front of young children, it was very, very, SAD.

  2. Susan

    Very poor choice for a lot of obvious reasons. Parade the horses but slower would be safer for all concerned.


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