This Is Why So Many Great Horses Are Labeled As Dangerous

Rick Gore did commentary on two videos that people sent of their horses being “dangerous”. According to Rick, the first horse is not dangerous. The handlers are afraid and unable to provide the correct leadership to the horse. He is probably one of the most opinionated trainer’s I’ve ever heard. Do you think that horse is dangerous or do you think it’s the handlers error. Share this on Facebook if you think that lack of leadership can turn a great horse into a naughty one.

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  1. Valerie

    I agree with this man in that the handler is completely unaware that she is asking the horse to gallop around in circles. And I agree that this horse is not threatening the handler. I believe in the beginning it was a sloppy start and the handler was feeling/exhibiting fear. However I don’t like how this man talks about the handlers. They are uneducated and he is treating them like idiots. He comes off like he is pretty self important. I like the point of the video, but he is really awful. I couldn’t keep listening to him. He makes himself sound ignorant. 🙁 too bad too. It sounds af if he has something to offer.


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