Watch The Incredible Strength Of Belgian Draft Horses….

These horses give a new meaning to the word “work horse”. They are “logging” which is essential pulling trees. I wonder if it’s a common thing for Belgian Draft Horses to Log. I will never get over the fact that these big beautiful horses will work so hard for us humans….we truly are blessed 🙂 Share this on Facebook if you appreciate the strength and power of these horses!

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  1. Briar Lee Mitchell, EdD

    Horrific to see the docked tail…when will people stop this cruel, sadistic procedure. There is no need to inflict this kind of brutality on any animal. That bullcrap…that it is prevent the tail from tangling in the harness…you don’t see Gypsy Vanners docked, or Friesians…or Halflingers or Standardbreds or Welsh Ponies or Shetland Ponies…plus many more. This breaks my heart to see this kind of brutal treatment.


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