Watch The World’s Worst Pony – So Incredibly Naughty!

I’ve never seen anything like it – this pony has mastered the art of dumping this poor child! This pony is unbelievable – funny but scary! Have you met a pony worse than this????

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  1. Pat Richardson

    Any parent that would let their little kid, who obviously has courage, to ride a sneaky, spoiled, worthless pony like that should be made to get on a bucking horse and I’d enjoy watching that.
    The little kid rides pretty good for her age, but they’ll either get her hurt or soured on riding if they keep that up. Damn that makes me mad.

    • Patricia

      That pony needs to be taught some manners. While the brave little girl has learned some valuable lessons (how to handle a spoiled brat), she’s likely picking up some bad habits that she’ll have to break when she gets on a better trained horse/pony. I’m pretty proud of the little girl, though. I hope she doesn’t sour on riding.

      • Responsible adult and parent

        Are you one of Ross’s incompetent parents? If I let a child ride a pony like that at our ranch the parents would surely sue us. Parenting?-You’re doing it wrong.

      • even

        I think he just stated, that the Boyname Ross, is used on a boy, not this girl everyone is talking about,

        I would let my kid ride that pony, with protective headgear and such

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be so quick to judge on the description it does say that these came from a course of 18 months and Ross the little boy who rides him does a great job. These are just the bad moments caught on camera every horse+ rider has them. Look up some more videos on the channel you’ll see he isn’t as naught as you think

      • horse lover since child hood

        Obviously you have been giving everything to you. You probably haven’t had to work for anything in life. Mostly, your kids are probably spoiled brats! Without a doubt, you are not doing parenting right!! These memories with Ross and Ed will be some of the best memories he will have. Also, Ross continued to get up and go again. Even though he knew it would be difficult. To have a child, even an adult be that determined in life is rare. I want to give these parents a big thank you in reminding my children and myself that if Ross at age 6 never gave up, my children 10, 15 & 18 can have the determination Ross showed at age 6! Thanks!

      • Heather

        Ross refused any other horse, and insisted on working with Ed, despite their attempts. They are letting him be responsible for an animal’s well being, that is not bad parenting. Ed is behaving very well now, according to his owners.

      • Nadia Mahan

        This is hilarious, love that little boy. My pony has done most of these things and 18 years later still have him and love him to bits. Far too many health and safety bores out there.

      • Melissa

        Safety, is an issue whenever you’re dealing with horses. The kid does not have the size or strength to properly correct that pony that clearly needs it!!! The only thing happening here is constantly rewarding the horse for bad behavior by not properly correcting him!! Sitting there watching a horse act a fool isn’t funny at all!

      • shadowpony

        I agree with you, this little boy does not have what it takes to properly correct this very bad pony. Who gets unseated so easily and often? And then puts that child back on the pony, over and over again. That is not a happy pony.

      • Michelle

        The pony is not naughty ~ obviously, the pony didn’t want the kid on his back!

      • OldTroubador

        Honestly, does no one do their homework anymore? Why not look up some other videos of this horse and rider before you go shoot your mouth off? The kid is learning. The pony is a saint most of the time. Even the most mild-mannered horses have their days, and that’s what was caught on tape here. Nobody is a perfect rider straight off the street. Nobody learns how to correct a horse by only riding ultra-safe nags. Dear people: Please remember when you first started riding: You weren’t perfect either.

      • An actual good parent

        Seriously?? That pony came inches from stomping that boys face with his hoof. You think it’s worth it for this child to die so you can get a good laugh????
        I hope you never have a child. Or a pet or any living thing for that matter.

      • Frecklesdiva

        Truth is that child shows no real connection to the pony…she/he is like a passenger thatis sitting waiting for it tohappen. The child hasno skills that i can see, when the pony was moving the rider was going up and down banging the pony’s back and hanging on via the reins. The child needs lessons on a lunge with another pony to learn to have an independent seat and be an active participant in balance and forwardmovement, brfore he/she is let loose with a pony. Poor poony then has heasd carriage held up so he cannot get his neck stretched while the child hangs on to his mouth and bangs on his back….the other rider in the picture also looked as if they had no idea how to sit a horse…this looks like a lot of ignorant people to me…makes me mad becuase horses then get the blame and end up getting branded dangereous and get shot. Pitiful…

      • Carys (13)

        thats a bit harsh, yes that pony may be a bit dangerous but nobody is a proper rider if they havent fallen off and he wouldnt keep riding it if he didnt love that pony plus all of these clips are properly spread out over quite a large time and they have just managed to catch them on video. and even if he did get hurt it most likly wouldnt of died i mean there is always a chance of it but there is a chance of having a bad accident with ALL horses or ponys!!! I have a pony that can be such a pain in the neck and i fall of him but i just get back up, yes i have had 1 or 2 bad falls but the idea of haveing a bad fall wouldnt stop me from riding and i am 13. The boy didnt look that upset with it, to me he looked like he was smiling or laughing, yes that pony may need a bit of a harsher rider but to be onist the boy is happy, the pony is most likely enjoying himself also we all have different ways of punishing our animals he just might do it in a different way. last thing i doubt they were trying to get him killed for i laugh…

      • penny

        I love these 2, Im in my mid 40s now and I learned everything on my 1st pony just like this and I loved her to bits, and wasn’t scared in the slightest just like Ross. You can see there is no mallace in the pony his ears are forward and he stops when Ross falls. Mine and my friends best years were our first ponies. None of us had money and we didn’t have too have the best of everything but we considered ourselves lucky and I owe everything to my first pony. When we eventually outgrew our naughty friens we went on to bigger and better horses but we only ever remember the good funny times we had with our little phelwell friends. far to much health and safety and little pronces and princesses out there today. I fell of my bike and skateboard more than I fell of my pony. Ross looks like a great little rider, brave, confident, good posture and lovely hands. And looks like he thoroughly enjoys little Ed. he will always be thankfull to this little pony for the memories and teaching him how to ride.

      • Get back on!

        Had the same type of pony 40 years ago too! Never did me any harm. Would come home and be proud that i “only” fell off 5 times in an hour. As my grandfather said ” if she sticks with that she’ll stick with anything” Loved that pony to pieces and he taught me never to give up and incredible balance. Kids are far too mollycoddled and need to know not everything is perfect. Ross’s parents care for his safety- he’s kitted out with jacket and hat – in my day we had the old velvet hats and the jackets had not been invented! Good luck Ross- stick with it you will so appreciate any pony that goes in a straight line after this, but if you are anything like me you’ll be bored out of skull without the challenge – the tougher the challenge the more fun and rewarding success will be – in every aspect of life.

      • Christi

        I agree with Frecklesdiva. What I observed was a pony in discomfort. It did though appear in one of the frames that somebody was aware of that, and I am hoping they fixed the things that caused this. But the hard truth is that the pony was reacting in the only way he knew to- he had to resort to escalating to rolling in order to get the kid off his back when there was some discomfort! Running away with bit in his teeth and more!

      • jo

        Have to agree with Nadia. We all had ponies like this, perhaps not quite as cheeky Ed! I found this hilarious to watch. As for parenting – good to see parents allow there children a pony that will make them ride properly and be fearless of falling off. The kid had hat and back protector. Next thing horse riding will be banned for under 18’s as too dangerous. Which we all know it is. You can fall off the best mannered horses too. kids should have fun and enjoy this pony, clearly Ross does otherwise he wouldn’t have remounted so many times! I bet Ed still gets cuddles and carrots from Ross. Every pony has their character! brilliant clip!

      • Jill

        I agree!!! Horses are a dangerous sport! If you are afraid of getting hurt don’t get on one because you will!! This kid is tough as nails!! Kudos to him as a young rider! However they would do better to pony him on a few hacks. The pony is ring sour and discipline like everyone else is saying will only make it worse! Its common in horses that are worked in the ring all the time and not done anything else with! He’s already done this! He’s a smart pony…challenge him! After he rides safely with being ponied then take him over some fences outside the ring. Some horses just hate ring work!!

      • Fallonn

        If you do some proper googling you will find videos of Ed being VERY good, and after several years Ross and Ed were reunited. That little boy was smiling during a lot of those antics, and Ed was careful not to step on him when he fell off. Ross became a very good rider because as a kid he learned how to ride a horse, now how to sit on a saddle and push buttons on a dead broke horse.

    • cakes304

      I’d buck too if I was whacked with that stick as often as this little rider does. Clearly, the pony is reacting to getting hit with that crop WAY TOO OFTEN with probably no leg involved.

      • anonymous

        BTW, the kid barley has enough strength to even hit him that hard. He’s only doing that cause he can get away with knocking off a little kid that barley weighs 40 pounds. And the Kid has short legs… so how else are you going to get it to move if the pony doesn’t want to move! so don’t act like they were abusing this little pony and they *WHACKED* it to much. you obviously have never ridden a stubborn horse before.

      • Lou

        You have obviously never cared about a horse before. Next time you go to whack a ‘stubborn’ horse stop and think why he may not want to do what you are demanding!

      • JR

        I have riden all my life, i HATE ponies. and i promise you that the “stick” or CROP you are referring to is not in any way hurting that animal. OH COURSE that pony doesnt want to do what he is being told that would be the point since what he is told is to move forward. That pony is spoiled rotten and the parents are idiots for letting that kind of behavior continue as its going to lead to their son getting hurt

      • rolling my eyes

        For starters, i’m sure that the anon you’re annoyed with has and does care for horses. And I think you should also understand that a horse’s skin is different than ours, or pets such as dogs and cats, this is the reason why when us equestrians pat them, we pat them much harder than we would pat a dog or a cat resulting in a louder sound, almost like a clap. A whip, or crop, when used properly doesn’t feel much different. To them it is sharper, sudden, unexpected, and not on the neck (where a horse is used to being patted). Horses, though thin skinned have thick muscle and fat. When properly using a whip it can encourage harmony between the rider and the horse. This is a young child, he is not abusing the horse, at the most irritating him… And also any misuse or unadmirable riding habits are his structures doing at this stage in the game.

      • Just saying...

        I agree! Tapping a horse with a crop is a que, when leg que’s dont work. Beating a horse is another thng all together.
        This pony needs to put through horse boot camp and if it doesnt learn to respect the rider. I’d have it put down. Just because the pony is cute, doesnt mean its behavior isnt dangerous.

      • Carys (13)

        ummm just because an animal acts badly doesnt mean it should die, it just means it needs a bit of training otherwise my horse would of been put down years ago also, just saying if you willing to kill an animal for doing something bad why not a human!!!

      • Becca

        Are you kidding me? I am more upset with the people that keep putting this poor kid on this idiot of a spoiled brat. What that horse needs is a lot of miles on the open prairie and some serious manners taught. There are too many good horses in this world to have this bag of dog food around. That kid could get a broke leg, arm, or worse a broken neck! Come on people think.

      • Bert

        Definitely! My sentiments exactly.

        Would use the big red kids’ baseball bat and straighten it out quick!

      • Mireille

        Grrrrrrrr……. You would let your kid fall off that many times. There were a few times she could have been seriously hurt. You are taking advantage of your kids courage. Shame on you as a parent!!!!!!!!

      • Carys (13)

        If you think that YOUR the one that needs wacked with a baseball bat!!! get a life!!!

      • Sara

        Everyone needs to calm down and think about the horse for a second. What if something is hurting it, or the saddle isn’t fit correctly. Instead of calling it a bag of dog food get some common sense and think about the animal for once.

      • Kristen

        EXACTLY! I was thinking that same thing! I’m glad to see someone else has the sense to think it as well! Normally even the brattiest of ponies aren’t THIS bad THAT often! Has anyone ever thought to have him checked for back problems or possible lameness?

      • Sharon

        I agree with checking the saddle and pad to see if there is something under them such as a burr. But if you will look closer at the video, you will notice this is not a one time thing! The child is wearing different clothing, the pony is clipped in some shots and not clothes, and seasons have changed!
        This is a pony with behavioral problems that should be ridden only by an EXPERIENCED rider for awhile, not by a child with ‘lovely hands, and seat’! As a former 4-H horse leader and a person who has worked with horses more than half her life, I would never allow this pony to stay around my barn!

      • Kamilla

        The reason this pony is behaving this way, is only because of the owners.

      • whydoyoucare

        what is wrong with you!!!! you really dont have any animal love!!! train and educate it! depending on age you can always manage! how about YOU use your brain

      • Phillipa

        Becca you are an idiot…..god help any creature that comes any where near you who has the audacity to have a character,this is what horses are about, I’m in my late 70’s and my horse is mainly good but on occasions throws a wobbly and I come tumbling off…..that’s LIFE….idiot woman.

      • Carys (13)

        The pony may need training but there is no need to call it a “bag of dog food” thats just down right mean and to be onist the kid was obviously enjoying himself, and if you dont except you may get hert dont ride!!!

      • Keisha

        He’s “wacking” the stupid pony because it wont listen and do as its told. The parents should be ashamed of themselves making this kid ride that very ill mannered pony all the time. Good way to discourage a young rider.

    • Anonymous

      RIGHT, Here I go for a rant, Ross is a good little rider who needs a decent, safe pony, the sack of s*** in the blue jacket needs lessons, she’s crap! I doubt the pony has any back or saddle fitment problems, it looks to be moving fine, it’s just learnt bad manners and tricks and never been corrected, it’s probably due to a balance problem that needs correcting, a piece of lead placed between the ears at the Local Hunt Kennels will help, otherwise you could maybe get a deal with Tescos, ?I would not subject a six year old to this, he could get seriously injured, I guess bad horsemanship is the same as bad parenting!.

      • Anonymous2

        Anonymous i disagree he seems a bit short on his off fore that little peace of lead should be placed just behind the left ear . And remove the shoes beforehand no point giving TESCO something more than you have to …

    • Vicky

      Absolutely ridiculous. Who ever you are in the arena with this child you need bringing to book. The parents also need checking to see if they are fit to have a child? The pony is not right and the child is going to be seriously hurt if you continue to push the pony as you are doing. Have you taken leave of your senses?

    • Mags

      This pony is not being naughty, is is trying to tell them something. Check it over and take it back to basics. Good little rider though.

    • Eliana's mum

      I am sorry but there is no way I would let my child on this pony – how long before he gets seriously hurt and it puts an enthusiastic little rider off of riding for good – he got dragged at one point on this – how is that funny.

    • sbtgran

      After watching the video and reading many of the comments, I have to agree with those who say the pony is trying to tell them something. The little rider has a lot of potential, but from what I saw the reins were being held too tight when the crop was in use. Something caused the pony to roll. That’s not just being naughty.

      • k423

        Yup…the whole time I watched this, I was just like ‘get that kid off the pony’s mouth’. Both kid and pony are probably great otherwise.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t speak for the pony in this video, but I have encounted a horse before who had been taught a handful of tricks, one of which was to lay down. He was extremely spoiled and allowed to get away with a lot of things, and when he was asked to work, his response was simply to lay down and roll to get out it. In the case of this horse, it was a training/manner issue.

        Without knowing this pony or it’s history personally, you can’t tell just from a bunch of short clips exactly what the problem is. Some horses do exactly what this pony is doing because they’ve done it before to get out of working. Some horses are extremely smart and will try to get away with what ever they can.

      • Anonymous

        I agree the kid needs to get off the pony’s mouth. If a horse is hurt, he’ll do something about it. This is not all the pony being naghty…

    • suzanne

      This is disgusting. This pony has no regard for his rider. We have a horse in our barn who will dump a rider if they are being mean, or pushing too hard, or not good with their leads. But she just rolls them over her neck onto the ground. She doesn’t move till they get up. What if this pony stepped on this child? How is this child to learn to ride?

      What is unfortunate is that she is going to pick up some bad habbits that she will have to unlearn when she has a good horse – or she will ruin her good horse.

      Pony needs a couple months back with a trainer. Parents need a kick in the butt


      Ed turned out to be the most amazing driving pony. He was broken to drive after Ross outgrew him and we all loved him dearly.

      • Connie Winner

        Glad to hear that…should hace popped out with this statement eariler. My exact thought was a driving pony. Good to hear!

      • Kat

        I’ve been around horses and ponies my entire life. However, I’ve never seen an instructor allow a student to ride the way Ross did. It’s obvious Ross should not have been cantering at that age. He needed to learn to control his body more. Even though he would recollect himself, he constantly lost his balance. Which aided in him falling a lot. His hands were all over the place and yanking on the reins. And he didn’t get into the 2 point position when going over jumps.

        If you are going to teach lessons…please for the safety of the horse and child do NOT advance them when they are mentally and physically not ready.

      • in disbelief

        Can’t believe so many negative comments about the little boy who is a superb rider for so young. My children would have jumped off screaming first time the pony bucked. Well done Ross for getting back on again with a smile on your face. Personally though I wouldn’t want a pony like that – what a monkey!!!

      • Phillipa

        Michelle. How lovely to hear you didn’t take any notice of the ridiculous remarks left on this forum. Ross did an amazing job with such good nature. Well done.

    • Sylvie

      I do not believe that any animal should ever be called “worthless”. This mentality leads to the horrific treatment of animals pervasive around us.

    • MJPD

      The roll over and back scratch in the dirt at 1 min 46 secs of the video is classic.. personally he needs to be taken out and galloped for a good mile or two.. Let’s see if he plays spoiled rotten brat after that..

      • Falka89

        I personaly agree. Someone should take this pony for couple of good galops and then this pony would act as a good pony should. I bet this pony has only one rider, this little girl. In this case one rider is not enought. One light adult should ride that pony. I will do that even if pony wouldn’t act funny. To prevent such behavior.

    • Stormy

      No pony is worthless :(… how do we know this pony hasn’t got back problems or ill fitting tack, with the behaviour he is exhibiting… I had a similar pony when I was a child .. although no health issues like that but then she wasn’t as difficult..and I can tell you now that pony taught me way more about being a good horsewoman than a perfect show pony… so I am grateful to her for that!!

    • Jackie

      Very shocked that a parent would let such as young child ride this pony. It was probably only good luck that he wasn’t badly hurt. The child’s face when he was dumped was very sad to see.

    • rp

      I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the pony other than just being naughty. The little rider doesn’t seem worried about it either. My pony would do exactly the same in an arena situation. He would buck and lie down in front of jumps and roll with no warning. There was nothing physically wrong with him nor was he spoilt or allowed to get away with it he was simply just naughty. It didn’t put me off riding either!

    • Kristine

      Take it easy. Ross is now a grown up with a new big pony/horse And Ed is a very old pony. Ross obviously did not get discouraged from riding Ed, even if Ed was a naughty pony.

    • JHZ

      Terrible!!! As a parent and a certified coach this is not acceptable. You are putting a young child at serious risk of being injured. Yes, there may be something that is bothering the pony or the pony has learnt some naughty behaviours. The main concern is for the potential for this child or any other child to get seriously injured! It is up to the caregivers of this child to make an educated decision to not allow a young child on this pony! It seems to me that your playing with fire! This video is very disturbing.

    • Tracy

      Trust me…….I grew up on a pony like that. Ross won’t get hurt, that pony will teach that little one how to ride anything they get put on. Its called growing up around horses. And that pony is probably a great little ride!

      • Rachel

        Seriously the reason you wernt hurt is sheer luck. This child should not be riding this pony. The boy is a nice little rider and the parents are putting him at massive risk. It only takes one small fall to land on a pole funny to put you in a wheelchair for life.

    • Lisa

      So many morons in this world… whose idea is it to put a child on a rearing bucking pony that throws him off over and over again. Maybe they’ll stop laughing when he lands the wrong way one of these times and breaks his neck… b/c it’s coming. And then let me guess… the pony will be labeled as a dangerous killer.

    • Lynn Charlton-Blore

      I agree,its such a shame that someone hasn’t schooled this dangerous pony- while he may seem an endearing ‘cheeky chappy’ he will no doubt end up as pet food when a child eventually breaks a limb/gets crushed/suffers brain damage /breaks their neck..Some people haven’t got a clue when it comes to animal psychology, they need to be a pack leader and show respect and kindness but also keep control.The child sits well and has great potential but not with this pony who needs to be schooled with an experienced bigger rider and well schooled pony that will take no nonsense…….

      • Oklahomahorseman

        Wrong species to be a pack leader! Stupid is as stupid does! Predators and prey am in also respond differently to the same training. Pet and feed a predator, you have a friend. A prey animal can have the same for many years and you have a cow! Learn before you spout erroneous (wrong) training tips!

    • Tess

      Calling a pony worthless? Wow, how ill informed and arrogant you are. Hope you are never let anywhere near a horse again.

    • kat

      How what a good little rider. I have to make one point though, the pony could be uncomfortable. I seen in that video that the little one was consistantly using the same saddle. it might be that it doesnt fit the pony, as that is how alot of horses/ponies react when their saddle doesnt fit or their girth is pinching them. Im sure you have already looked into this, but i figured I would mention it anyways. Call an equine chiropractor, he could me “off” . I know equine chiro’s are controversial but i truly believe in them, and human chiro’s. If you are “off” you horse/pony is going to me “off” and visa versa. Maybe pony needs an adjustment? Please do not take offense to my comments, i just am simply trying to help in case you havent explored these options yet. Happy riding , and good luck ! πŸ™‚

    • nicole

      Never mind poor kid, what about the poor pony? Anyone else notice that the pony bucked whenever he was whipped? Idiot instructor/parents teach the kid to ride forwards and not just whip his pony, might have had a better relationship. The pony is so sensitised to that whip he has clearly had it many times before. Poor poor horse. And all the fools laughing at this.

    • Anonymous

      This entire video is pathetic. Someone needs to teach the parents and the pony what is acceptable and what is not. What is the purpose of videoing this risky behavior is someone just waiting for Ross to be paralyzed or brain damaged?

    • Michele Uyttenhoven

      That child has no idea how to ride. Hands are all over the place. Reins are all over the place and being used to ‘hold on’. Pony is naughty, but needs a more competent rider.

    • Kk

      That little pony needs an adult to ride him with a whip and everytime he bucks show him who’s boss. Probably it would take just once. Whoops sorry all you do gooders out there!!!

    • anonmous

      I am sorry but what kind of parent would sit and watch their child be thrown around like that, that pony needs proper training that boy is very brave and could be a good rider if he has a properly trained horse that one is very dangerous and a 6 yr old should not be riding it l!!!

    • nik

      This video only constitutes three minutes of many many months of riding/filming. Horses are a live animal and can never be predictable or perfect 100% of the time. Horses can spook, have a bad day or be suffering from pain issues that cause them to act up from time to time. If you want a prefect and predictable ride I would suggest investing in a motorcycle for your your child.

      • ArabHorses

        or perhaps the coin operated horses that used to be in front of all the stores.

    • Western

      Ross needs a western saddle (to have a saddle horn) to show the pony who is boss, the change back over to english. Way to stay with him Cowboy! My kids rode ponies like that, made them stronger . . . ponies would do that to me . . . my kids turned out to be good riders. . . . Spoiled little ponies, they know what they can get away with. Thanks for the good laugh and memories LOL.

      • Bill Baehr

        That pony is not spoiled. It is correctly responding to how it has been trained and cannot do otherwise.

    • Bill Baehr

      That pony is in need of training. It is not sneaky, spoiled or worthless. It’s just a prey animal that has learned how to escape from pressure.

    • Bill Baehr

      The pony is not being naughty. It’s not capable of being naughty. The pony is responding correctly to the training it has been subjected to. Horses and ponies always do.

    • Disgusted parent

      The parents of this child are asses. Some people should NOT be allowed to have children. I pray that this little, innocent, person, never gets injured.

    • Bill Baehr

      This child is the victim of parental ignorance….. “Muffy, you just need to learn to ride that pony.” But, Mummy, I think there is something wrong with Precious.” No, Muffy, Mummy paid good money for Precious; you just need to keep your heels down and put more leg on that pony.” “Mummy, can you ride Precious and show me how?” ” Of course not Muffy, you know I have never ridden and I am too fat to ride anyway. Now get on that pony and win a ribbon.” “Yes, Mummy.”

    • HorseMom

      RELAX FOLKS!! I love these videos. Every “difficult” horse I have ever ridden just made me a better rider. And yes, sometimes we all get hurt, even the kiddos. But as a kiddo myself, you couldn’t have kept me away from horses.

    • kerry

      put him in a stock saddle this boy wouldnt fall of the pony knows he can get hi off, stock saddle i say,

    • Yanto10


      • Lori Rouse

        I Love ED spent many hours ridding ponies like him the ones no one wanted to ride. I was on the ground more than I was in the saddle. It later made me a better rider. I am very grateful for my parents who believed children should learn by experience. Thank you Mum and Dad

    • chloe llewellyn

      This pony is a grate leadrain pony i have had my frends kids on him he is a fab pony on lead and to drive yeah he might be not sutable to ride off the lead and i have even got on this pony and he is a good pony and i have seen him work off the lead and be good and when the boy ross sold this horse my uncle got him as a leadrain and driving pony then he gave me him to sell and he is now with a lady that is using him as a dring pony so can u stop slagging this pony off and the people that let ross ride this pony. ross is a fab rider thanks to this pony my horse used to do the same thing and i am more of a better rider now then i was before as i got used to him to do it as u learn how to ride it as every horse and pony are different

    • della

      I totally agree! The pony obviously needs some manners or put out to pasture! Parents and trainers who subject their kids to this kind of abuse should be put on a horse that acts the same way and see how they like it! I wonder if they have checked saddle fit, teeth, etc…

    • Shelley

      I would disagree that the pony is worthless…however he is spoiled and needs some tuning up. Bravo for this child for being so brave…although parent(s) did put him in danger..

    • diane

      again its not poor ed the girl is tapping him with the whip Id buck her off too. watch he bucks after she taps him with the whip and probably the parents telling her to do it to make the video. most times its the humans not the horse.!!!

    • Jill

      The pony is not sneaky or worthless. It is doing what it has learned to do, therefore what it has been trained to do. Spoiled maybe, but that’s the humans fault, not the pony’s.

    • Charlie

      Look, this video was made showing the naughty side of this pony. If you look closely theres a hole video of the pony being really good. I had one of these ponies when I was younger, they make you ride better and further down the line Ross will know what to do in these situations. it surely must be better than having your child wrapped in cotton wool, so when they finally get on a horse or pony that’s naughty they will be upset and wont know how to deal with the situation. Real riders go through tough ponies and move on with these things, it makes you a better rider when your older.

    • Lorraine

      That has made my day, that little boy knows that pony inside out and he is one very capable chap.

      Love them both very comical..

    • Anonymous

      For all you PITA wannabe’s….this pony is teaching this young man to be a rider! I grew up on a pony that would take me to a mud hole and lay down and roll with me, amongst many other pony tactics! I went on to become an equestrian trainer for over 35 years! He taught me a good seat, how to be patient with colts and when and how to repremand! Soooo to all of you so called wannabe’s that has NEVER been put in this position, shame on you for judging!!!

    • pat

      That is not even funny. Irresponsible to put a child on that pony.

    • unam

      I have to say I also laughed, and he is a tough kid….but the one where his foot was caught it stirrup, I didn’t find funny and I can’t believe the parents keep putting this kid on “Ed”. people forget…Christopher Reeves was only going over a low jump and look what happened. To intentionally keep putting your kid on knowing he’s going to keeping taking head dives is just crazy. It doesn’t matter if its been over an 18 mo period. Once or twice is one thing, but this many times with the same pony is foolish

    • Frog

      If i owned that pony about the third time he did that to a kid of mine, that pony would be DEAD..

    • R.J. Fisher

      Are you NUTS….allowing your child to even attempt to ride this pony!

    • Stacie

      Ok, obviously Ross wasn’t born with the ability to ride that well. He is a fantastic little rider, and I’m sure he learned how to ride that well from riding well trained horses and ponies. Get over the fact that he’s riding a bratty little pony. I highly doubt he is going to get discouraged from riding in general, maybe from riding that pony, but not from riding overall. He has clearly ridden a lot of good horses in his little life, he knows that they all aren’t like Ed.

    • Lora Hinkel

      Ditto…. There is a book called ” So your kid wants a PONY ” This clip should go with the book. Very dangerous… I am not a parent but have seen this type of thing happen and the Parent,Trainer and Instructor should be SLAPPED with a fine for child endangerment for letting a child ride that pony. The child had great talent… but…. I hope to never see that in person!!!!!!

    • cher

      I had a pony like this 40 years ago, sometimes sweet and sometimes naughty, and bucking like a rodeo horse. Too this day I love that pony! Even though we fell off, got bucked off, we loved him, and he was a happy horse. A lot of lessons learned for my older years of riding. Bravo Ed and Ross. Have a good time!

    • Minnesota Mom

      Anyone else notice that kid constantly tapping the pony in the butt with the crop just before he unloads him?

    • Lindsay

      Your out to lunch if you think this pony is worthless. This pony is smart, and probably didn’t start that way. All it took was the one time that child was (and continues to in every clip) tore at that ponies mouth, the pony lowered it’s head to get away from the pressure and the kid popped off it’s back. Tad da! The pony figured out how to protect it’s mouth. Watching this kid flick it with a crop, pull at it’s face and the rediculus instructors chasing it makes me angry that “educated” horse people blame the pony without recognizing that it’s essentially being trained to be naughty.

      This is pony syndrome. Luckily kids never seem to mind.

  2. Questionmark

    What about the poor pony who obviously is not very pleased with the life he is forced to live by stubborn people that seems to not give a shit about the wellbeing of neither him nor his little rider

  3. horselady_35

    What an irresponsible parent to subject their child to this danger. It’s not going to be so cute when the child gets seriously injured or paralyzed.

  4. Laura

    Disgusting as if you would let the poor boy keep getting back on it. The parents obviously do not care about the poor little lad! They do not deserve to be parents if you can repeatedly watch your own child falling off and carry on filming!

    • Anonymous

      Did you not see how many times the camera was jerked downward? That’s because whoever was holding the camera stopped filming to make sure the boy was alright. And there wasn’t only one person there filming, there were multiple people who were ready to help the boy or pony if either got hurt. Besides, it’s the kid’s choice to get back on, and the parents care enough to make him wear a helmet.

    • Anon

      Did you not see how many times the camera was jerked downward? That’s because the person with the camera stopped filming to make sure the child was alright. And there wasn’t just that one person, there were multiple other people to help out if either the child or pony got hurt. Besides, it’s the kid’s choice to get back on the pony, and the parents care enough to make him wear a helmet.

  5. Terri

    This is the most irresponsible stupid thing I have ever seen..I would like to smack the parent who is allowing this dangerous crap to keep happening..I simply can not believe the stupidity of this parent to subject this child to what potential accidents that could happen.What are you thinking. Get this child a pony that is a better fit and safer for this child..and sent the white pony to a trainer who knows what they are doing..Seriously,get real..this is a child…I see no humor in this at all..

    • Andi

      I totally agree with you, and there is nothing funny about this video. Lots of words come to mind, but funny is definitely not one of them.

  6. Anonymous

    This is ridiculous, granted it is important to be able to ride through a horses bad behaviour and overcome challenges of naughtiness. However to put a child through that repeatedly is irresponsible. Any parent should be worried if their child’s pony drops and rolls with them on, or repeatedly hurls them off into fencing. Instead they video them, sort the pony out nothing should be that ill behaved.

  7. Emily

    The pony is probably in pain and trying to tell them, yet they keep sticking the kid back on time and time again. Poor pony, and poor kid that his mother lets him ride a pony that’s obviously unsafe. Wouldn’t let my son near it. Vet and physio and saddle fitter….

    • angela

      totally agree with you there my horse was doing this when i first got her it turned out to be her teeth which to me looked fine and they werent does anyone know how old this larl pony is and how long its been doing this coz it doesnt say and the child has confidence to get back on every time so well done kidda so unless anyone knows anything about this they should really think as some of the comments about parents being irresponsible isnt very fair as my horse done this while my daughter was on her and she was being led and she reared right up my daughter nearly came off but didnt she hung on got off and jumped back on my horse and this was her choice does this make me a bad parent too ???

  8. Fred

    You bunch of halfwit twats. If you knew anything about horses you would be dangerous unlike this pony with character. Do some research and find out about Ed being good and how fab he really is. This is an old clip and the ‘boy’ (girl ffs!!) loves his pony. Get a grip you health and safety driven mongs.

    • Anonymous

      Copied this from the YouTube site, it gives some context to the video:

      Uploaded on 25 Aug 2009
      wonderful ed ,ross’s little welsh mountain pony. he could be naughty sometimes when we took him off lead rein,. the title should read ” ROSS & ED’S MISUNDERSTANDS” cos he wasnt really naughty just wanted his own way, some of the time…… while he was bucking ross would say look nan im like a cowboy lol.. ross loved ed and would not part with him,.ED WAS A PERFECT LEAD REIN…. he started to outgrow ed and eventualy allow ed to go to a loving home sold as lead rein as that is what ed does best…. he was 100% as lead rein, i did send ed off to a trainer, to be reschooled for off lead rein….got his back checked out, no problems…. got saddler out….. no problems… got dentist out… no problems….. ed was a lead rein pony and NOT A RIDING PONY….ross did not want to stop riding ed, but also did not want to be on lead rein anymore…. please remember i have hours and hours of film of ross and ed together and ed being very good… this was 3 mins of clips taken over a year from when he came off lead rein…. the film was not made for entertainment, it was put together to show trainer he could be stubben,(i decided to put the music on, as niether ross or ed ever got hurt)…. he was good most of the time, and lead rein 100%… ross and ed had a bond i have never seen before
      ross had been on lead rein with ed for some time, and they had bonded so much on the ground, and ross just had dreams of riding ed up the mountain…. he spend most of his time brushing ed and telling him stories, and when ross was riding ed you could hear ross singing to him…. alot of kids dont have that bond anymore, the push button ponies have got only one job to do, and that is go in the show ring and beat all others, and if they dont god help them, have a tatrum and demand a new pony cos it didnt win anything. ross is not like that… he loved ed for the friendship they had together. and that meant taking him with his faults too….. perfect ponies for perfect riders eh…. well ross is not perfect either…
      ross had fun with ed and thats what its all about, ??. ross loved ed with his faults too. ross thought he was perfect.. may i also add that i dont want ross to be a fantastic rider he was the one who wanted to ride, i just wanted him to have fun, and believe me he does, he has riding lessons on pip beause pip listens to him….Ed never did…lol…. ed did teach him a lot…. the other day he was out riding ( i was following) and he went past a gate, a large dog jumped up barking, even though pip is 100% it made him jump and spook to the left, anyone else would have been off on the other side, but ross had full control and stayed calm……. ed taught ross that they are animals with minds of there own and to expect the unexpected, and ross did and is always prepared for anything…. i have seen kids put on bomb proof ponies (i dont believe they exsist) and not even have a hat on, only for the parents say “o its ok the pony wont do anything, and then walk around, a plastic bag flies up, horse spooks and kid comes off with not even a hat on…. guess you can guess out come… child is hurt…ross always wore top range safety hat, body armour, safety stiruups,( did have to get wider pair) and he had a soft landing on soft laid arena… please remember that this is a 6yr old little boy who wanted to learn to ride on his pony. i understand some may not like his riding, but he is a kid, yes his hands and legs are all over the place, he will learn one day when he wants to…. best thing about video, you can sit back years later and laugh about it. ross or ed was never hurt. ross has a bigger pony named pip, pip is as good as gold and 150%, but even pip can have an odd moment once a year.

      • sapphirepark

        I just loved it. Ross has great hands and seat for a 6 year old and you could see the pony knew every trick in the book but still was careful not to roll/step on Ross. Could see the story even before reading it later after watching the video.

      • Anonymous

        I have seen ponies like this and somtimes they just need to remind the rider who is in charge I am sure that Ross has learnt so much about dealing with “naughty” ponies and staying on! All to often when someone falls off we are told that the horse is dangerous etc and horse and ponies get a bad rep. Learning to stay on and balanced is part of the process! Ross seemed happy to keep going even at little shows. We had a pony fab on the lead but take him off OMG he wanted everyone to know who was allowed to stay on and who was not and had nothing to do with the riding ability!

    • Anonymous

      You Tell Them Fred I rode a pony like this when I was a kid without the vest this boy has and we rocked but we also had our moments like ED

      • Safie

        I can’t help but shake my head every time someone calls someone else an idiot and types it out as “your an idiot”. pot…kettle.

      • Jo

        I wouldn’t take Mary’s comment too personally… Good for Ross. He was smiling in almost every clip. I giggled the whole time. We’ve all known a pony like this. It teaches you to be tough and fearless so that when you do move on to your next horse, you are ready for damn near anything. Nerves of steel.

  9. katie

    This little rider is going to grow up knowing how to sit anything! Yes the pony is acting a spoiled brat, but anyone who knows anything about ponies will know they will take advantage whenever they can and aren’t stupid! My first pony when I was 10 was like this, im now 17 and seem to always pick the ones with behavioural problems, but I love it! People need to stop being so bitchy!!

  10. Anige

    Haha don’t know why a lot of people have a problem with this least he will know how to sit to one when he is older I agree with Katie !

  11. Seriously

    Get that kid a better pony, Seriously! Are you trying to make the kid hate riding?!?!
    And for the pony, he wants a different job! Maybe pasture ornament…

    • Anonymous

      pasture ornament? really? put the worthless thing down if u are just going to let it get what it wants, which is not to do any work. this pony is LAZY. He NEEDS a trainer that will not put up with his crap and smack him when hes a little jerk.

    • Shelley

      They don’t need a new pony he just needs to be tuned up a little…this boy will be an amazing rider when he is older…from a riding instructor perspective..he is not suitable for that young of a rider …based on this video…although I am sure he has good days too

  12. Lyndsey

    I don’t mean to start an argument, but that pony is being taught to dump the child. The kid (who does not know any better and I do not blame) has the reins a bit tight, and the only release from that pressure is when the child falls forward(you will notice in the beginning he stops the little bucks after the reins are loosened. Once this clever pony figured that out he mastered the art of dumping him in order to release pressure. THIS IS NOT A BAD PONY, HE HAS JUST BEEN TAUGHT A BAD HABIT!

    • Candace

      That is my assessment. The reins are being held too tight. Neither the child nor the pony is to blame but whomever is the trainer of both. Classic beginner rider mistake and consequence. Pony has heart of gold to tolerate this and be good as often as the previous owner contends.

  13. allison

    The parents of this child should be arrested – this is child abuse – funny for now but it won’t be when the little boy is seriously hurt – which I promise you coming soon. If you can afford the sport and all that equipment – get an appropriate mount – OMG !!!!!

  14. Geeez

    That pony needs his ass beat! The Pony is doing that on purpose. He is not in pain, he is not doing it because he is hurt. The reason that he is doing that is because he has been taught that that is okay. The rider is doing the right thing by getting back on. if he does not get back on the pony will think that if i get him bucked off he can be done for the day. That horse needs a little tune up!

  15. Mel Turner

    Usually, the term “priceless pony” conjures up images of a patient old soul who packs around steady and sound no matter what… but this is another kind of priceless pony… the kind who will remind a young rider never to take his or her security in the saddle for granted, not even for a second… This pony provides “priceless training”.

    Is this pony spoiled? Maybe. Lots of spoiled ponies do that sort of thing, but you really can’t tell from a video. If this was an adult rider, I’d say the rider was asking for it, wiggling up there with hard, insensitive hands– But, in this case, I’d be WRONG. After all, this is a six year old rider.

    Consider the handwriting of even the most careful child at age six– refined motor coordination is just coming on-line — this is what a good leg and sensitive hands look like at six- he pulls a little, but he releases, too. I have adult students who are slow to figure that out, and I’ve never had a six year old student who ever had even close to a “trainable leg”… This rider has AMAZING understanding for a six year old.

    Ross has the most important things our youngest riders need. In fact, he has these qualities in spades: determination, a great attitude, and parents who selected good safety equipment!!! YAY PARENTS! The will and correct disposition is clearly there in this child! The skill will grow and grow. Yes, I held my breath and uttered an expletive when the pony dragged him a little (midway through the video)– but this is why good safety equipment is such a good idea– clearly, they were prepared. Pretending that it doesn’t happen to “well-behaved” ponies is naive.

    If this was my student, first of all, I’d be honored! Secondly, I’d praise him for being so relaxed during these little “episodes”. How many of us have panicky students who make things SO much worse by tensing up? Thirdly, I’d suggest that when his cheeky little mount DOES buck, that he stay focused and not look around at trainer or parents… This isprobably also really hard to remember at age six…

    To everyone watching and getting out their pointy fingers and their critical hats, also remember this is a compilation of “sensational moments”. I’m sure the majority of this pair’s rides were less alarming… This rider is just lucky to have lots of footage of himself in lessons. Would that more parents be that interested in their child’s learning and so prolific with the taping.

    Good luck to you, Ross, Ed, trainer and parents! I hope you keep riding! You’re going to be very good! I wish you many continued opportunities on well behaved and not-so-well behaved horses for as long as you ride!

    Mel Turner
    Los Angeles, CA

  16. Lady Warwick

    NIce to see nobody looks into the story of the pony and kid, which the pony behaves most of the time, and wasn’t trained to be off lead…and is now in a new home to be on lead rein, and is doing good.

  17. Anonymous

    Yes that ponies naughty but I’ve seen way worse than that. Get the 6 year old off it, put a more experienced older rider on him to sort him out so he is then safe enough for children. Just stupid putting a small children on a naughty pony first

  18. Lucy

    What a horrible pony, surely it shouldn’t be near children? Those parents need to reconsider their priorities..

  19. essie

    The people writing the horrible comments are judging this pony and the people involved from one single video. It states on their youtube page that this film was of a few individual moments taken over 18 months, and that Ed has been a wonderful pony as a whole. I’ve met plenty of ballsy ponies in my time, they know that they can get away with pulling stunts like this when their jockey is the size of a pea!
    I’m sure if Ross (the boy, not girl!) was really scared then his parents would not force him on. Look at that grin when he gets back off the ground! He is going to be laughing at this clip with his friends in ten years time, for sure.

  20. Jen

    Some of these comments are disgraceful and disturbing to know so many of these ‘knowledgeable’ riders see only a bad rider, bad parents or a bad pony. The behaviour this pony is displaying is in correlation with what many other ponies who wear the pony pad type saddles have. These saddles are NOT suitable for excessive riding use as they are not well supported, put pressure on the scapula and wither area, allow shock onto the spinal area and damage muscles as well as usually being girthed far too tight because they slip. As a problem behaviour re trainer I have seen this many times in ponies with this saddle causing napping, bolting, bucking, rearing, quick dropping of the head and rolling- all these behaviours are designed to redirect discomfort. Once the rider has been successfully dumped, the pony still displays signs of irritation through twitching ears, tail flicking, raising and lowering head and quick jerking movements.

  21. Sue

    Firstly, full marks to Ross for never giving up,don’t forget he is only 6 yrs old, he tried his hardest to keep control under very difficult circumstances. Ed I think needs to back to a good school to learn his behaviour is not acceptable. I feel at the moment he is too dangerous for a small chap to ride, and surely it’s no pleasure for the child either. SO FAR he has not been injured, but the next fall could always be the one fluke that would leave him in a wheelchair for life, you as the parent are responsible, could you live with yourself and your child living it’s life disabled due to something that could have been avoided?
    Buy him a bombproof little pony so he can enjoy himself, send Ed back to school. Do this before it’s too late and you wish you had done something before. Don’t forget how many times we hear people say “if only i had done…..” don’t be one of those please.

  22. Anonymous

    For all you judgmental, do-gooders and know-it-alls, please watch this video and then re-think your comments!!!

    • Anonymous

      Soooo glad you put this up! So many people are so judgemental after watching a 3 minute video!

      • dani ella

        I am glad to see this video too. Far too many are so quick to judge without knowing anything about the situation. Ponies are known for being stubborn…more so than horses…but are also wonderful little animals. Ross is a trooper and I love that he was not willing to give up. That pony was not hurting..he was just being strong willed and not wanting to do what he was told. And puleeeze people..that boy was barely tapping that horse. Do a little research would ya.

  23. zara

    to those people who suggest this pony needs his ass kicked ,”you need yours kicked too”obviously you have no understanding of horses and your stupid suggestions are ignorant and show your stupidity.The pony either needs taking back to basics or his back , teeth or tack checking. Perhaps a more experienced rider for a time. All in all both pony and rider are little stars, Well done Ross.

  24. laura

    i would buy this pony tomorrow, he clearly has better sense of humour than most people posting snotty comments on here! good boy for keeping going ross i bet that pony loves you dearly! x

  25. Anon

    To everyone who is saying “what irresponsible parents” i’d say this is exactly how I taught to ride and control a horse! I had and still have him bless, a wonderful cheeky young pony just like this, heart of gold, kind but had the tendency to play up just like this! My mother, god rest her soul, bless her would always come out when I wanted to ride him, yes that’s correct I MYSELF wanted to get on his back when I was just a young girl. I would never call my mother irresponsible, she would never leave me alone with him and was always there to call out advise when he did play up, and guess what, when I grew older and stronger, as did he, I had a lovely well mannered pony who was a joy to ride πŸ™‚ Yes I had the occasional fall, but heck who hasn’t?! Even well mannered, well schooled horses may throw a rider from time to time! there animals what do you expect?!

    • dani ella

      GREAT comment. WE fall off bikes when we learn to ride them too..over and over and over…is part of learning. And that pony is just being a little pony and wanting to do what he wants.

  26. Skullsearch

    Yeah, stupid Pony. How dare you act like the animal you are and not let humans ride you!

  27. Anonymous

    I wish you’d all shut up arguing, and watch this link.
    It’s for all you saying that he shouldn’t of been let back on the pony!
    Or saying he’s got a back problem, or saying he’s dangerous !!

  28. Been there

    Glad I scrolled down the page and saw the second clip! It also puts things in an entirely different perspective to learn that the clips were put together over an extended period.

    I started out on a pony who taught Methuselah how to ride – he was already in his thirties when we got him. He dumped me more times than I care to count, especially in the show ring. In fact I earned the nickname “Crash” from that pony! But I had so much fun with him too. He taught me not just how to ride, but how to be a rider.

    More power to Ross for sticking with his buddy. No doubt Ed pulled his share of dirty tricks, but I don’t know of any successful rider who didn’t start out with a few bumps and bruises. That’s one gutsy 6-year-old boy who will grow up being able to handle problems far better than the kids with the “perfect pony.”

  29. DressagePupilForever

    I cannot beleive such behavior with a pony. That is ourright dangerous. This is unbeleivably the most irresponsible film compilation I have seen with cou tless others. Yes, a pony bieng naughty on occasion and having his little personality, is fine, but consistently not going foreward, turning, etc is frustrating to watch, maybe cute to others, but professionally is unacceptable. Yes, child boy / girl, I have no idea, whatever they are, is a brave little camper, but at what cost? A pony shouldnt be ridden by a child if he is behaving like that every ride. Horrid idea of cute and by far definitly disgusting safety precautions and considerations for both pony and rider. Of couse, we do not really knkw what is going on, apart from definitely the pony / child are definitely NOT the match for one another.

    • Kelly

      I don’t think this pony is dangerous – it’s just learned to dump its rider effectively and knows it can get away with it. A small adult should get on it to iron out any bad behaviours before the child gets back on. Good rider for his age though and cute pony

  30. Holly Thompson

    What a brave little boy, I’ve rode all my life and had many horses. Little Ed is just naughty but very cute! Ross will be a great rider when he is older. I wish most children his age had his determination and courage! Love the video x

  31. Michelle

    Great riding on the kids part!! As for the pony, I’m watching his hind end and all the tail swishing… I’d get his back checked as well as the fit of his tack as he seems like something is bothering him before he bucks etc. I have known a few “bad” ponies in my time and most of the time the problem arises from poor fitting tack. I also know that ponies are usually trained by kids as they are the size of person who can ride them without hurting them weight wise, which also adds to the bad wrap that ponies get!

  32. Agnes

    What brave little man! At least he has more guts and courage than many other riders I’ve seen (mostly adult riders). And that pony is not mean or naughty, there is a reason he does all that, not just because he’s mean…
    Both himself and his parents should be proud!
    They’re a good team, they can help each other, plus, it’s great practice/training for the boy!

  33. Stokely Farms

    This, first, is an example of starting with the right horse/pony for young riders. This pony is a danger to the young (brave) rider. Life is too short not to enjoy your horse or be injured. Second, the value of training, this horse is in serious need attitude adjustment and if unable to adjust it would not ever be allowed to be ridden on our farm. An adult trainer or parent is seriously negligent in our opinion.

  34. Vicki

    Everyone falls off from time to time but to continue to allow yr 6 yr old child to hit the deck is a little bit shame full, think they should be looking into the ponies health maybe he could be in pain? Vet check first then sort the ponies behaviour !!!

  35. Pamela

    I’m surprised to see that so many of you who feel educated enough in equestrianism to comment on this have not once touched down on the fact that this pony is quite obviously in a lot of pain.

    All of these so called ‘bad behaviours’ are all key signs of how much pain it is in, and trying to dislodge it’s rider will eliminate it’s pain for a short while at least.

    I feel so sorry for this pony, and so sorry for all of you here who quite clearly have no idea what on earth you are looking at. It’s actually very worrying, to think that many of you will be horse owners yourselves.
    I so hope that a ‘badly behaved’ horse or pony never ends up in the uneducated hands of anyone who has commented here. Not one of you has a clue.

  36. Hannah

    I think it’s hilarious! Ross seems to enjoy it too; I saw a smile on his face a few times.

    • Theresa

      This is one of those times when an adult takes the pony for a ride out behind the barn.

  37. marisa

    Y’all are stupid.that child cannot physically hurt that pony.and if you think there’s a reason for the naughtyness then you’ve obviously never ridden a bratty pony.I’ve had several with that little man syndrome.snarky little things.simply that.

  38. Quinn

    You people all suck at life. Saying that this pony needs to have his “ass kicked”. And is a “spoiled brat”. I think you guys need your ass kicked. Fucking losers.

  39. ellen

    Personally, I think the time has come to get serious about his riding. He needs to learn to ride rather than be a passenger and just stay on. He needs instruction… proper seat, feet and legs, walk, trot canter…leads, diagonals, proper position over the jumps. Those stiff cardboard looking boots need to come off and have him in a paddock boot or something where he can feel his leg and get a proper bend in his ankles so he can put his heals down and not have his foot throuh the stirrup.

    Yes, he’s adorable and it’s cute to watch but he doesn’t seem to be improving his equitation or handling of the pony. If these videos are over a 1 year time frame….I honestly don’t see any improvement. I don’t now what your intentions are for him but he certainly seems to enjoy riding…so, why not ride right and maybe he could have a future with horses.

    Best of luck!!

  40. Dan

    Kid is awesome pony is plenty big enough for an adult to get on and put an end to this nonsense… Whoever is the “trainer or parent” is a moron for not climbing on that pony and sorting it out… My POA pony ( also white) knew if she acted up she’d be packing my mom for a lesson or two… But for this to go on for months is insane…

  41. Concerned Parent

    The pony should be dog food, the child is a gutsy little rider and the parents should be ashamed of themselves. This is child abuse or at the very least neglect !

  42. Rebecca

    At first I thought it was kind of comical but then I had to watch again and I read some of the comments. I agree with some of comments and I don’t. The pony is sour and does not want to do it anymore. The kid is kicking and cropping and when executed the pony is like “no”. The pony also has a mind of its own. Knows exactly what he is doing. A good little rider needs to ride it consistently to retrain it or put it out to pasture for a lawn ornament. Its a tough one because the poor little lad obviously loves the pony or riding with his big smile on his face when the pony starts to act up. But there is a never ending situation going on and it is getting worse and worse. The pony is mentally done wants the rider off, game over.

  43. Razz

    As a 13-year old, I broke Shetlands for a guy who raised and sold them. I can honestly say I have never met a group of horses or ponies as nasty as Shetlands are. I would never let a child of mine have one.

  44. charlie

    here is a link of ross and ed reunited some time later after he had outgorwn ed! very cute! come on people, all little ponies are notoriously naughty…ed reminds me of my first pony who taught me the meaning of tenacity and perserverence!! i was bucked off continously!! haha…for all you parent bashers, no 6 year old would keep riding a pony like ed unless they wanted to! my 6 six year old is testament to that!

  45. Karen

    What a horrid little pony!! I take my hat off to the little guy riding him. It take pure determination and guts to get back onto that pony after all he tried to get the rider off.

  46. K North

    I love it… this is brilliant. lovely little Ed and well Sat Ross – he’s going to make a great horseman

  47. Do something positive

    Having watched this video and read some of the comments, I was left shaking my head.
    Ross is bound to be a good, brave rider after dealing with this little pony, but he may also come to harm and loose his nerve and what happens when he grows out of this pony – what then for this lovely pony?.
    It’s not Ross’ fault nor the pony. The pony is trying to tell everyone that there is something wrong. It is the responsiblity of the owner of the pony to have him checked. Get the Equine Dentist out to check his teeth and gums (they do a really good job and worth every penny)and they can also check the bit fits correctly. Then get his back etc checked by a qualified person e.g. vet with knowledge of equines, Emmtech/Bowen/NST equine qualified person Finally get a qualified saddle fitter out to check his saddle fits (needs to be done when everything has been corrected or depending on professional advise re his back during the course of treatment). Then you should have a lovely, loving pony that will want to do things and not play up, then Ross and others can enjoy this lovely pony. This pony wants to give love, so show him some now and it will be repaid in buckets full. If he was a naughty spoilt pony he would be doing more than he is.

  48. Catherine

    The pony needs a serious attitude adjustment … hard to train them for little kids as the pony is smart enough to know when an adult is aboard vs a kid ..

    kudos to Ross …. Ed better watch out for when you grow a bit more ….

  49. lca

    I have had horses for 60 years, including many ponies; I started with a pony; this is a wonderful pony and a terrific kid — all the more terrific for each other. Ed will be a part of the best of Ross for the whole of his life.

  50. Enjoy life

    Gosh so many negative comments lighten up people , half the time Ed would catch Ross and re seat him after bucking , You can clearly see Ross only tapped Ed with the whip and both Ross and Ed were in most cases just having , Ross has most likely grown up to be a great rider and Ed is most likely a happy pony enjoying his days , he’s got little man syndrome hahahahahaha horse riding is a dangerous sport !! If you can’t handle the heat stay out the kitchen !!!!!! Stop bitching and get out there and ride

  51. Jam

    Everyone insulting this kid’s parenting need to go read the description and comments on the YouTube video. These clips are a few of MANY hours of video of Ross and Ed in which they work really well together. The pony is not telling them anything is wrong, he figured out how to get the rider of his back and is taking advantage of that knowledge. You all should learn proper horsemanship before preaching about horse training. It’s obvious most of you don’t even work with horses regularly.

  52. Emily

    I’ve owned several horses, and trained many more. Given 18 months and a video camera taping every single ride, on all but my 65k “push-button” warmblood I could make a montage rivaling this. Any rider who rides multiple horses could. If that means that all those horses and pony’s are dog meat, well then, guess we all need to just suck it up and buy 60 grand and up horses! If not, well…

    There are always other sports!

  53. Yukon

    This is so darn cute, brings back memories of my childhood pony. That pony is going to teach that boy a lot! And too all those whining and complaining about the parenting, the treatment of the pony, or anything else – shut up πŸ™‚

  54. Rider

    Personally, as an experienced 15 year old rider I have been on worse Ponies/horses than this. This pony is being a rude pony, yes. But something might be bothering it. My mare is an off the track thoroughbred and she was forced into a dressage state after a week off of racing. Like my mare the pony could be unbalanced or eve not had it’s teeth done. Although personally, I believe it just has bad ground manners and is allowed to continue on like that into riding. While the child will certainly learn some great riding abilities I would put a teenager who doesn’t weigh that much on the pony. I think of the pony as a challenge and would love to get on it. Please don’t blame the parents. They have put padding protection on the kid (back protector) and might just need to learn more about horses.

  55. Melissa

    I’ve seen this video before and I think it’s really important to point out that this pony wasn’t always like this. As with any horse, they have good and bad days, I’ve never seen a 6 year old ride like little Ross does, he does an amazing job with cheeky little Ed. I’ve had ponies and horses that have been the same, brilliant most of the time – but everyone has their bad days. Please refer to the following link of Ed and Ross together when Ed is on (what is reported to be) his usual behaviour…

  56. veruca

    Take a chill pill and appreciate the obvious. Little kids falling down is an epic laugh riot.

  57. sandypaws

    this video is not very funny in a trainers view point..
    obviously that pony is NOT broke to ride. and should not be backed….
    and all you are accomplishing is making that child afraid of horses.. and rewarding the pony for bucking, and ducking and shying…

    to someone that doesnt know horses,,, hahaha funny video of a little child getting bucked off by a fat pony…

  58. Duck of hazzard

    yes, a naughty pony, yes the owners need to set the priority to make sure tack is all correctly fitted and yes THE LITTLE LAD SHOULD FOCUS ON HIS PONY AND NOT WHATS AROUND HIM, 90% OF THE TIME HE WAS LOOKING AT SOMEONE ON THE OUTSIDE! School this pony a hell of a lot more and only give him a whollop when he behaves badly, I doubt the lad talks to his pony while he rides him, talking whether they understand or not helps to calm a horse. …oh and loosen the reigns πŸ™‚ nobody likes to be constantly wanting to go back wards while being kicked to go forwards.

  59. LKD

    Some people need to get over themselves. My first pony was just as naughty and he taught me everything. This little boy is going to be all the better a rider for having such a naughty little pony. People have gone and Health and Safety mad. a well behaved horse/pony can cause injury if you fall off. I loved this video

  60. Stacey "C" Cutter

    You have to be kidding me people… this pony is a total jerk and needs to be taught some serious manners. I love how this pony is being a complete brat and no one bothers to step in and help. Where is the trainer? Where are the parents? Everyone is just standing around laughing. And this over the course of 18 months… shame on the trainer of this pony. There are so many good ponies and trainers out there… why would you subject your child to this? Wow…

  61. Rideonwithlife

    First off the pony is not worthless,I have had several over the years that I have retrained to act like a perfectly mannered little pony. I do believe this pony is too advanced for little Ross, but I give him kudos for trying very hard to stay on. I would take this pony and teach it on long lines for a few weeks and get some of it’s extra weight off of it, that might help everything fit better and also might not be as hard to breath or move with someone on his back. Next I would take Ross and teach him how to ride without stirrups or reins from a horse being lunge lined, Then being 4’10” I would get on that little pony Ed and see what schooling he really needed and get right to solving this issue with him. No reason for the pony or the child to be injured by reckless riding on a brat of a pony.It is both the child & the ponys issues that have made this scenario a recipe for destruction of 2 lives.

  62. Kim

    Ross has got an excellent seat!

    Your childhood just isn’t the same without that one pony that had your number… relax people it is par for the course with ponies – the smaller the are, the tougher and craftier they are. Only kids are brave enough to take them on over and over and over again!

  63. zara

    OK. Youve all had your say, slated the Parents , consigned the pony to a tin of Pedigree Chum or worse.The fact of the matter is , this is a gorgeous pony , yes perhaps a pony with attitude and in need of a firm hand but I would buy him tomorrow.Ross What a good little rider , absolutely love them both.I would suggest you watch the second clip of pony and rider and read the owners side of the story , you wont be so cleaver then you bunch of LOSERS. My kids learnt to ride on a section A not unlike ED and loved every minute, Proud to say my Daughter is now a BHSAI.

  64. Been There Done That!

    You know I bought my daughter a foal, it was a gamble, spent good money on sending him to the best breaker we could find, came home as a 2 year old broken in with a big question mark over his head. We were very lucky he was without any shit and yes became a champion! Now thinking back, if my daughter had have been bucked off every other day, like I was as a child she would have had more courage. She’s now outgrown the pony and rides my big horses, everytime they move or do something wrong, it’s their fault? I think she was spoilt!

    This pony reminds me of a Thelwell Pony, the cartoons we all loved and adored. When our ponies bucked us off, we would get a thrill ride and brag about it! Kids these days are wrapped in cotton wool and I must admit I did it to my daughter as she was an only child! I think this kid is brave, is definitely passionate about horses and I think he will become a champion one day!

    When we were young, you got what you got! You were lucky to have a pony, whether it was a good one or a bad one! You just made do! These days it’s easy to get on the net and see a beautiful well trained horse and buy it if you have the money or want to go into debt! Our kids are spoilt!

  65. jen

    If anyone actually looked on the youtube channel this is the rare moments over many years that the pony has been naughty! There are many videos titled “ed being good”. The bond the little boy has on and off the pony are all captured too! Calling the parents irresponsible is ridiculous! !!

  66. Scott

    Anyone that commented about bad parents or anything has not a clue seriously. I think the boy has excellent parents and that boy can ride! The pony is just your typical pony. They can be perfect angels one moment and knot headed the next. Thats a pony and if you say its not then you havent been around alot of ponies sorry to say. The kid rode that animal like a champ and i promise you he learned really good balance off it. I loved how he just smiled and kept on going. I wish my two would ride and if that occurred they would just keep on smiling and ride it out. Good job!
    Oh and to the negative commentors.. get a life… most of you are speaking from lack of experience with ponies and are the type to raise children that are to babied and wont have confidence. This boy I am sure has it.

  67. T

    Wow! Brave boy!
    This is what riding is about, you have a horse that is “naughty”, but you still sit up again no matter how hard you fall. A true little equestrian.

  68. Anon

    It makes me really angry to see ”horsey’ people having a go. Did these people never have the fun and enjoyment of riding a cheeky pony? Riding those fabulous ponies who are full of character taught me how to ride today and I still ride ponies, not horses! Good on you Ross for persevering, a right little trooper. He’s enjoying this cheeky chappy and is learning so much from him. Well done you!!

    • Anon

      Brilliant comment! Most of these comments I would imagen come from the mouths of “posh horsey people” who have been taught to ride in a safe riding school environment with beautiful well trained little show ponies and have unfortunatley not had the experience of learning to ride on a pony who learns with you!

  69. Someone

    seriously that horse was doing just fine until that child started annoying it with the stick. this is just annoying to watch

  70. Anon

    All these negative comments about the pony/parents and rider are horrid! Obviously coming from the mouths of those who have little or no experience in the equestrian world. Anyone with adequate experience of riding a variety of horses and ponies over years, will have, at some point come across a pony like this, if not worse. “You fall off, you get back on” is how I learned. Yes, pain may be a reason as to why pony is behaving like this as some of the symptoms he is showing could be linked to mouth/teeth pain, back pain ect..but not necessarily the case and is not a “must be the problem!!” as some have so ignorantly suggested, unless you are vetinary experts specialising in the equestrian field and have thoroughly examined this little pony for yourself, in which case, i appologise.

  71. Helena Dickinson

    What a nasty little pony, I would recommend if he is too small for an adult to teach some manners that he be broken to harness and made to do a serious amount of hard work and not allowed to get away with anything!
    He is too well fed and dangerous, a child’s face stomped by a hoof, hitting a jump or a fence post is not a pretty sight.

  72. Helena

    I had a pony who looked exaktely like this little fellow, and he behaved exactly the same. He was a Whelsh Mountain and lived in Sweden, borned sometimes in the 70 century. He learned me a lot, and I loved him endlessly. (Sorry for my bad english)

  73. Anonymous

    Finally a little boy who learns to get up after falling down.
    Good to see such determination in a 6 year old boy!
    You go Ross
    You go parents

    Ross wil get around when he grows up!

  74. Carin

    PLEASE, shorten the stirrup leathers. Of course the kid falls off with too long leathers. It’s heaven for the pony.

  75. Janice

    OMG… I can hardly watch this. It’s so disturbing to me… only a matter of time before the worst happens. The pony never appears to be corrected so it’s just going to keep on happening. Not many kids who are dragged under their horse learn to love riding!!!

  76. Fallonn

    For everyone jumping on the “oh that is a stupid pony, that poor child, I’d never let my kid on him!”

    Here is Ed being GOOD. Ross turned out to be a very good ride who learned how to deal with some naughtiness. I’d like to see kids riding their push button dead broke ponies handle a few mishaps.

    And here’s one a few years later of Ross and Ed reunited and going for a ride together.

    • Fallonn

      And another video of Ross several years later helping a pony through a scary beach ride before he decided to take a break from riding.
      Naughty ponies make for good, patients riders. I am SO happy my first horse was extremely naughty, she taught me things a trainer never could!

      • Fallonn

        Okay I give up, it won’t paste to the beach ride.. but you can watch all of the videos that Mandy posted about him

  77. Bex

    Kid needs to ditch the stick!! How many times does it inadvertently catch the ponies hind quarters. So many times the pony is reacting just to this! Watch carefully!

  78. manna

    Beautiful !
    This kid is awesome ! Both kid and poney are awesome in fact! Smartest, most patient and determined kid I have seen ! At his age he already understands that the horse (poney) is just being himself and accepts it (no ego there) and that riding is not about imposing himself on the poney but about doing it together (whenever the other one is done being goofy ;-))) . What a lesson ! Thank you kido! You are great and have an obvious, rare talent with horses!

  79. ali

    If somebody taught the kid not to ride on his hands the pony would be a lot happier. It is doing its best to pass back the message about better riding habits……

  80. Voice of Sanity

    This is child abuse. The kid is 6 and has a better seat and hands than many adults. The pony is in a D-ring snaffle and the boy is not misusing the crop. Get him a different pony before he ends up dead or refuses to ride.

  81. Rough Rider

    I think the video is quite well in capturing the evidence of a characteristic of a specific breed (Welshie) and an over fed pony that is under worked, Well Done Ross, you handled it like a champ even if you did collect some bruises in the process!!

    However with all problems there definitely should be solutions, I have the added solution send the horse to me for 2 weeks, and it will be a remarkably different horse. I also would like to make mention that you supposed “horse guru/lovers”, couldn’t see the tree’s from the woods, so hold up on your bitchy comments and learn to work with horse and rider before throwing weight around, you come across like fools rushing in. you sound like bunny huggers rather then looking at the cause and the current problem.the horse is well looked after maybe too well, but its a pony for crying in a bucket

    Welsh mountains are Notorious for being cheeky, stubborn, hardy and naughty, they are also advised like by any equine nutritionist that a horse on high feeds needs work, so to summarize above, cut the concentrates and up the work. I would also have it ridden twice a day, learn some manners and be a child’s pony.

    Ross keep at it tiger, you’re be a champion!but in future hold on with your knees, no point flapping legs in the wind while the horse bucks!

    • Rough Rider

      Last thing, this is a fucking fantastic horse, so chill, the horse is not in any pain by my observation and I qualified enough to say so. So all you so called experts, should really do some education on how to care for your horses rather then throwing ignorant petiful comments around. You don’t know what you’re talk about and you look ignorant and arrogant.

      I also want to congratulate the parents for getting their child Ross into animals, its better the an x box and a TV. For those who castigated the parents, you are painting a lovely portrait of yourselves as fat parents who molly coddle your children, are they still on the breast at 18(I have to ask)? its a kid and more its a little boy, they are kids for fucksakes… kids will be kids.

      Any one who comments please remove the emotional bullshit and see it for what it is, it is a funny video and I can see no harm other then a horse misbehaving, I could relate and thought it was comical. Every child needs a pony like this, I have represented my equestrian sport to international standard and I grew up having a horse just like this…

      • Anonymous

        Far too many children quit riding and become x box fanatics due to poor animals like this. I don’t find this one bit funny. It is horrendous. The price one can acquire a good horse these days is so minimal, why would anyone in their right mind take such risks with a child? The pony might make one heck of a driving pony…or somewhere an adult with a whip can have some effect might be more suitable. Perhaps a coal mine???

  82. Judy

    That is one tenacious little kid! Good for them for shaking it off to try-try again.

  83. Andrew

    Kid should learn to ride on a school master. Riding on your hands, coupled with kick and smack are NOT the aides to make a pony go forward. Granted at 6, child maybe doesn’t know correct aides, instructors are at fault.


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