Watch This Barrel Racer Hold On For Dear Life And STAY ON At Full Speed – INCREDIBLE!

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Holy Cow! How Could You Stay On This Horse!? Talk About Holding On For Dear Life! This rider takes self preservation to a whole other level…I’ve never seen anyone stay on a ride this bad! I know I would have flown right off this horse. Share this on Facebook if you are amazed that this guy was able to stay on!

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8 Responses

  1. Seadonna

    That horse was great. That cowboy term I’m using loosly is lucky…. But nothing wrong with the horse was not wild was not a bronc or dangerous….

  2. Lynne

    Yeah. The horse was paying attention & getting the job done as quick as possible; too bad he was off in la-la-land. More attention on the star of the show — the horse — & less attention on the guy. He should have voluntarily fallen off instead of yanking on the reins like that. Arrogance raises it’s irritating head once again. And an oust and in horse suffers.

  3. Eileen

    looked like he was still whipping the horse while he was on the neck. Horsemanship not 🙁 poor horse

  4. Nate

    I’m gonna say this respectfully as I don’t recognize any of the names that have commented. I’m going to assume you do not know the man riding this horse. Trust me when I tell you that he wasn’t in la la land. I also wouldn’t call it lucky that he stayed on as I’ve seen him stay on several other times when most people would’ve busted there ass. Knowing both horse and rider personally I know that had he come off this mare we would probably still be chasing her because she wasn’t all there most of the time and the fact that you say that the star was the horse shows absolutely no respect for the fact that the guy stayed on the horse during a situation that other wise could’ve gotten both the horse and rider hurt. This was an accident that happened to a truly great horse and rider combo that I’ve watched pull off some amazing wins at some huge shows. Shame on you for passing judgement based solely on this video.

    • Kelly

      Well said Nate!!!! All these goofy comments from people who wanna bash Billy are killing me. They just don’t know him or the horse. Glad you set this straight in a classy way 🙂

    • Tracee

      Very well said Nate though I don’t know you I do know Billy very well you said it with way more class than I prolly would have ! Have nothing but respect for him and his talent they people have no idea !

      • Anonymous

        I have to say I don’t know horse or rider but By just watching the video you can tell he’s a damn good horsemen handling a tricky situation !

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