This Machine Is Training Horses – The Future Of Racehorse Training

Young horses are now being developed without jockeys.  They’re being trained on an undercover track in Berkshire.  A machine is training the young racehorses.  It’s not an amusement park ride, although it does look like one.  It was designed by engineers from the roller coaster industry.  Watch the video below.

Do you think the horses welfare will be improved by this technology?

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This machine costs €20 million!  They hope that by removing the jockey’s from the pretraining of racehorses, they will remove human error and increase the odds of these racehorses reaching the track.  It is hoped that the welfare of these animals will be improved by the use of the technology.

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  1. esbee

    so if one horse breaks down they have to suddenly stop all the other horses which may cause injury to them. i think the old tried and true way is best—trainer-rider developing a relationship with the horse. They do interact with humans and are very sensitive to human emotions, actions, etc.


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