Watch This Beautiful Rare Pinto Friesian Stallion Move!

I’ve never seen a Pinto Friesian before and he’s absolutely stunning! Share this on Facebook if you think he’s a beauty!

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  1. Corky

    While this is a beautiful horse I do not believe he is a pure bread Friesian. Friesians can only be black. He dose not have the action a pure bread would have and his feathering is very light.

    • Rojo

      Actually Friesians do come in chestnut (called Fox) but cannot be registered. But pinto (in this case tobiano) is not in the gene pool at all. At best he would be a Friesian sporthorse or halfbred. He appears very cobby to me actually. But he is by no means a purebred friesian.

  2. Bongiwe

    It was a great show with a little shmitoeng for everyone. Danielle enjoys making people happy and has her own mamic with horses! I love watching the childrens faces as they ride with such pride on their trusty steeds or glancing at the world champions that were just hanging around preparing for a stroll or a quick strut around the ring. How sweet it all can be and is. So majestic are the friesians and so magical to be in the realm of the horse!


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