Watch This Horse Play In A Kiddie Pool – A great time to be had by all!

Kiddie pools aren’t just for kids anymore. This horse looks like he’s having a great time 🙂

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  1. Jennifer Boltin

    I love this!!!!! Every horse should have his own pool!

  2. leftysmommy

    I have to say first that horse is loving that. Second there no way Duke has any shoes on because that pool would have popped. My concerned would have to be is it safe? He could slip and fall and really hurt himself.

    • Faith Dentay

      How could he hurt himself? It’s all padded and soft. The horse is perfectly safe. But the pool could have a few opunctures now!!

    • Beamer

      It could be safer if the pool is placed over small, smooth stones so he won’t slip. But then the pool would gain a lot more punctures than it would’ve gotten beforehand?

    • Anonymous

      Oh shut up he is having so much fun and clearly nothing happened to him!!!

  3. Callie

    Quit complaining about how the horse or pool could get “hurt”. Just let the little guy enjoy this pool! He’s obviously fine & loving life!

  4. Danijordan3

    This is so cool! I hope Vicki Johanneck takes a look at this one. I’ve never seen a horse do this.

  5. Margo

    The horse and the child are having a great time. Can’t we just enjoy the sound of a child’s laughter & not be so negative about everything

    • Amandapaige

      I have a question, how long did the pool last. I have horses of my own and have been looking into getting them a pool, to cool off in this summer heat!

  6. Becky

    Duke the coolest horse. In all my years growing up with horses, I never seen a horse playing in a swimming pool of water. It was totally awesome watching this horse playing in the pool.

  7. sherryl

    Love this a bunch..We had a large pond,and my horse would go in every day during the summer..He’s get in,roll around and stomp his feet like this one did..Could watch them all day..

  8. ann

    My dog does the same thing in her pool! What are they pawing at?! she actually digs at the bottom..Hilarious to watch her enjoy herself!

  9. ashley

    A horse can get hurt running in a field to…. if he slipped its on grass with water cushioning dont see the problem. Very cute video

  10. Lorena

    he softens the water first. it was nice of them to give him his own pool to play in. nice and cool

  11. LJ

    My horse is obsessed with water, he will fling his head in the huge butt and flick it everywhere, roll in big puddles and bite the hose pipe in the horse bath so I get soaked too coz he flicks the water at me after he gets a big mouthful. He also digs the sand in our school as it dips and forms a huge puddle, so he can roll in it! I’m so getting him a pool this year! This horse is having a great time!! 😉

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