Watch This Is Why We Ride Horses!

This is a beautiful video done by one of our fans and we love it! Why do you love riding horses so much? If you like this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook!

4 Responses

  1. Horselover

    Although dressage is beautiful and shows the true athletic ability of this graceful creature, I don’t and never have cared for the forced “head tuck”. It’s unnatural and certainly not comfortable for the horse.

  2. Jane Bellerby

    Yeah right – you love them so much you have to tie their mouths shut, put a spur or boot in with every stride, ignore the tail swishing, force them into work – this is nothing to do with love or partnership – this is about misguided emotions and control of animals who have an amazing ability to put up with the shit humans deal out to them. Come one – stop ‘loving’ and start thinking about the horse as a sentient being who will happily be in partnership with you if you put in the work. It’s a lifelong journey and we are all on the continuum of this journey but please educate yourself on behalf of the horse. It’s way more fun and safe for both horse and handler/rider.

    • Z

      Well, technically if we just let them out into a field and they didn’t have to do any work that would be like you sitting on the couch all day eating chocolate.


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