Watch This Racehorse Spook And The Jockey Land On His FEET!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen Mr JJ King he’s that good they named him twice – the horses name is ARBITRAGEUR. This was at the Laytown Rodeo. I can’t believe he landed on his feet and then was able to hop right back on! If you like this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook!

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  1. Katzarr Montgomery

    that’s how you do it when the horse won’t stand still to be mounted! This “Jockey” is a pro at it; this is NOT his 1st “rodeo” I can assure you Love it, very well done.

  2. Sandy Wallis

    The horse didn’t spook from anything. He has a history of freezing up and flipping. That’s why the jock got on him on the move when remounting. Jockeys are definitely some of the best athletes around.


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