Watch This Tiny Toddler Ride A GIANT HORSE!

This little 3 year old named Sianna is taking a break from riding her quarter horse and decided to ride this giant 16.3 hand horse named Cessna.  Cessna is worth her weight in Gold for sure!  This mare is such a quiet caretaker for Sianna…she even picks up the wrong lead once and switches it herself.  I do wish Sianna was wearing a helmet, but this is so cute regardless!  Share this on Facebook if you love seeing children having fun on great horses like Cessna!

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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    what a stupid woman putting such a small child on ANY horse without proper protection, no helmet, no proper boots

    • Anonymous

      this pisses me off everytime i see this video. No helmet? inadequate warming up of the horse, inproper use of the rope when lunging. Its cute, thats about all, but id like to slap this mother.

  2. Anonymous

    How STUPID mother this poor child have!!!!! SHAME ON YOU IDIOT!

  3. Gail

    great little rider on a wonderful horse.I was raised at a time when if you rode English you had a helmet but a cowboy hat served that spot when riding western or bareback. a helmet these days is believed to save lives in all types of riding . with a young one it may be a great idea to fit them with one and get the tradition to set in .however I admit I still love to feel the breeze through my hair as I ride my barefoot horse in a treeless saddle and a bitless bridle.

  4. D

    The little girl shows talent at possibly being a good horsewoman some day, but I do think this mother is endangering her child! So many things can go wrong…even with a trusted gentle horse. I say take all the precautions you can with children and horses…boots, helmet, and COMMON SENSE on the adult’s part. Yes Mom showed she can longe the horse, but an adult should have been right there! A bee sting to a horse can make the horse think of one thing first…getting away! Please reconsider so this young lady has a chance of growing up….

  5. L

    Yes the girl should have a helmet on I agree. If it was my little one I would have put a helmet on her for safety. She is wearing boots if you look closely. There is no need to call someone an idiot purely because they made a different choice than you would have. I’m only 27 and just 15 years ago barely anyone was wearing helmets even small kids this size when they were putting around on a calm quiet horse. I just hate the fact that a cute video of a very talented little girl must immediately be bashed because people don’t agree with how her parent is choosing to do things.

    • Carolann Clark

      I agree. Talented little girl with great seat. I rode open jumpers at nine and always threw my hat off when I hit the ring. I survived.

  6. LindaE

    Please please put a helmet on that girl. Even the best rider can lose her balance and that would be like falling off a two story building (eight feet at a trot). I am a former 4-H leader and saw so many accidents of young girls falling off and cracking their helmets. They got up and walked away. If you start young; every ride every time. She will accept it.

  7. Anonymous

    This video makes me cringe! Not cute…crazy recklessness. This child should be in a helmet!


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