Watch This Woman Ride A Friesian Stunt Horse For The First Time

The opportunity to ride such a magnificent animal doesn’t come around all the time and it looks like this woman is enjoying it to the fullest! Share this on Facebook if you would love to ride a horse like this!

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12 Responses

    • jean

      this magnificent horse should not be a trick pony. I didn’t like to see it droop to its knees

      • amanda

        Horses do that naturally when they lay down they drop to their knees

  1. Anonymous

    Just wondering what the trainers have to do to get horses to behave that way…just saying

  2. Cathy

    Would love to see him being ridden in a bitless bridle and being more relaxed and performing because he likes to do it

  3. Christine

    They communicate with the horse ,sees them,listen to them, and the most important thing of them all, They respect them! It’s a big Job to get there, like this. IT takes a lot of time and patience to get there, But this guy did IT . I can’t see fear any place..why can’t we Belive there are heroes out there when we see good things like this without thinking there must be something negative and bad behind IT.
    There IS actually some good-hearted people with love and respect to the horse left on earth! They need us to be positive to them , not a beeing accused for training them the cruel way to make them doing tricks !! That’s what the whole trainibg metode is about!! This people are working against just that !!!


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