Watch What Happens This Miniature Horse Foal Gets To Play On A Grass Field

Foaling season is here and all the videos are absolutely adorable! For some reason when it comes to foals, the smaller the baby the bigger my smile! So naturally, this miniature foal put a giant smile on my face. This adorable mini looks like it’s having so much fun! He’s tearing around as fast as his little legs can go, only pausing to have his back scratched!

At only 34-38 inches high, a mini can be a great therapy or companion horse. Even though they’re small, miniature horses still need the same amount of care as larger horses. There is even a miniature horse show circuit where they compete in many classes including driving and halter. I’m not sure what this little foal is destined for, but whatever it is I hope he loves it as much as he loves running around this pasture!

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