If Horses Were People – Farriers Edition – LOL!!!

In honor of National Farrier’s Week, SmartPak did a version of ‘If horses were people’ is back…with a twist!

As much as we love our horses, some of their behavior is a little…weird. Imagine if you’re best friend or co-worker acted like that? That’s exactly what we did, and we think you’ll like what we came up with!

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    • Allison

      Hilarious! But you missed the part where the horse takes a step and knocks over the farrier’s box, sending tools crashing everywhere, which in turn makes the horse freak out and knock the farrier down (personal experience, from a horse who had great ground manners for 9 years before that one random incident!).

  1. Trish

    They left out the “yes I’ve had this done a bazillion times but today I must completely lose my mind for no perceptible reason causing harm to myself and whoever happens to be close and tear out fencing and whatever structure may be in the path of said fit of lapse in my sanity.” Thank you.

  2. johnny

    yes,,,,you missed something. she didn’t take dump in his shoein box…

  3. jamilee scheiwe

    I have a horse who used to run from the farrier. Now she literally falls asleep as he trims her. He will be trimming a foot and she will sway, start to bend her legs, and nearly fall to the geound before she wakes up and realizes she is being trimmed. I think maybe we got her too desensitized to trimming!

  4. Debbieaanatole@gmail.com

    You missed out on continuos pawing and also when the farrier lets the foot down he puts it on the farriers foot.

  5. anonymous

    lol that was so funny i watched it twice lol but next time we should try something a bit more dangerous lol XOX

  6. This is so true.....

    I experienced every one of these behaviors today!! I’m sending this to one of my customers so that she can laugh about what her horse did to me today!

  7. Melissa

    That is so true and funny. Of course when I walk on one side of the horse and try to approach his foot he would scoot his butt in the opposite direction and just look at me like ‘What?’

  8. Elizabeth

    You missed the horse kicking at the farrier and the owner saying his never done that before.


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