Would You Pay $210,000 for this horse? Crystalized Gunner Sells for $210,000 at NRHA Futurity Sale

Crystalized Gunner (2012 Stallion by Gunner) sold for $210,000 at the National Reining Horse Association Futurity Sale!!!! Congratulations to the Boyles, and their customer and a huge congratulations to Garth Brown on training this phenomenal stallion! We can’t wait to see what his future holds! I know we have a lot of non reining riders that follow The Horseaholic. Would you pay $210,000 for a phenominal 2 year old stallion like this one or is it simply too much money? We’re curious to know. If you like this, don’t forget to Share it on Facebook!

5 Responses

  1. Cyndee

    While it sounds outlandish to me, I know nothing about the stallion market. Perhaps if I thought he would be bigger than a Zippo Sensation, I might. What are the comparables?

  2. petro

    It’s great for the sellers, but for the buyers to make their money back in their investment is slim to none. It’s great to see horses sell for this kind of money. You still have another 15 to 20 grand to put into the horse before he ever hits the show pen. So say he wins 100 grand showing, you still have 130 grand to make up till you break even. That’s a lot of breedings. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I personally couldnt do it, but than again if I had 200 grand to drop on a horse it wouldn’t matter.

  3. Chelsea

    I have watched this horse since he was a yearling and have watched him ride since ride #5. This also happens to be my video.

    There are very few times over the years where a true stallion prospect arises. Crystal has everything a future of a true stallion prospect needs. From the black type, to his conformation, his mind, talent , train ability, personality, clean x rays, n/n 5 pane,l and the fact that he is absolutely stunning.

    If your in the horse business you know a true stallion prospect rarely rises. He is one of the exceptional few. Making the $210,000 purchase price back off him will be penny’s spent in a short time.

    • sharon Santos

      As a future stallion prospect prices of this calibre would be normal, in TB’s it can be in the 10’s of millions due to the ability bloodlines & commercial value at stud for the years he’s able to breed….insurance to cover loss of use is determined by all the above: I would probably say thats rather cheap for a young horse like this as a 2yro

  4. Jane

    If this stallion is 2 years old in this video, why is anyone riding him? His bone plates haven’t even finished fusing. I know different breeds of horses have different estimated times of that happening, but 2? I dont get it.


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