You Don’t Have To Ride Horses To Be A Horse Person

I know that’s kind of a confusing title and I promise I’m not implying that you can become a horse person by watching videos or playing horse video games. What I’m trying to say is that there are all types of horse people and some of them don’t ride. Let me give you some back story. The other day someone at the barn asked me something about a friend. They said, “why do they even have a horse if they don’t ride it?” Well, that was a rude comment. But, sadly it’s one I understand because back when I was younger I may have thought the same thing. I was a fool then and I’m not afraid to admit it! What I wasn’t thinking about was maybe these people had other full-time jobs and were EXHAUSTED by the time they got to the barn. Maybe they were older or had injuries or illnesses that I didn’t even know about. Maybe they’d been in a bad accident and lost their confidence or they had 5 kids at home and just being able to come out and brush their horse kept them sane, centered, and feeling like themselves. Maybe they just LOVE horses and don’t care if they ride them or not!

Things have obviously changed for me. Now when I see someone at my barn who doesn’t ride their horse or barely rides their horse I think “Wow they really love their horse”. Because they are literally spending all the same money as me, taking excellent care of their horse, and they’re doing it without expecting anything in return. So the next time you see someone who doesn’t ride their horse, or maybe only rides once in a while instead of judging them, strike up a conversation! See if there’s something you can learn from them, you may be surprised at how much they know…could even be more than you. If not, maybe there’s something you could help them with. Who knows what they’ve been through?? I guess the point I’m making is to be kind. If someone takes great care of their horse, who cares if they ride or not. I can guarantee you their horse doesn’t care. The only thing their horse cares about is having positive experiences with that person and that can be done in so many different ways beyond riding. Thanks so much for reading and please SHARE this if you agree!

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