What do horse trainers think about at night?

Have you ever wondered what’s on your horse trainer’s mind? You may or may not be surprised to find out that they go to bed thinking about your horse! Trainer, June Tabor, summed it up perfectly in her Facebook post,

June Tabor Show Horses Facebook

“Ever wonder – “What’s on a horse trainers mind”?
(and I think I speak for most )
A horse trainer wakes up in the morning with your horse on our mind, we go to bed with your horse on our mind.
We sort out our own life struggles, our own disappointments, goals, dreams, journeys, bills , rent to pay , making sure our trucks run well, our trailers are safe, whats the next show , with your horse on our mind .
We help sort out your struggles, goals and dreams even if it’s just a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen ,with still, your horse on our mind.
We have the drive the passion and the will to fulfill your dreams while at the same time fulfilling ours.
We try to please, sometimes we fail, and we still get through the day with your horse on our mind.
As the hands of time continue people and horses come and go with the wind of change, us horse trainers continue to wake up early, put in long days , sweat, eat dirt, worry, blanket, feed, groom, buy the best tack, return calls, text, schedule lessons, farrier, vet, trying to give our all, with your horse on our mind.
I can speak for myself, I’ve achieved many goals, with many great people and horses on my journey. And it’s been a long long journey. A lifetime journey I wouldn’t have changed.

I have been blessed to have “Your Horse on my Mind.”
Thank you.🌹
The journey continues.”

Written By, June Tabor.  Share this on Facebook if you appreciate your horse trainer!

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