Watch The Naughtiest Little Pony And The Child Who Won’t Quit!

This little pony is as naughty as can be, but the girl riding him has a great attitude. I’m very happy to see this little girl wearing a helmet. What do you think about this pony? Don’t forget to Share this video on Facebook with your friends!


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  1. NickT.

    I’d rather have seen her with a proper bridle, saddle and riding boots…. Someone LEADING the animal rather than letting her fight with it. She’s going to learn to hate to ride and that pony is learning nothing but nasty tricks.

  2. Anonymous

    Horrible horsemanship to teach a Child,,,,and to allow a pony to continue to have bad manners,,,,,Shame on them,,,,,,some child is going to get hurt,,,,,very sad to see this,,,

  3. Anonymous

    Totally agree with above comments, irresponsible adults not setting a good example at all.

  4. Jane

    I agree with the above comments too.I fail to see how adults in so called charge can think this is amusing!Poor child and poor pony!!

  5. jlogantx

    I grew up just like this little girl as did my kids. She and the pony are both having a ball. The pony is not trying to kill her and the dirt is soft. This girl will grow up loving horses as much as I do. Some times you just need to have a little fun.

  6. Hb

    Ridiculous to make a child ride such a spoiled nag. Why people think this is a good way for a child to learn how to ride is a mystery!

  7. Patricia

    That pony is by far not dangerous. He just knows he can get away with it. Its going to teach that girl to sit back not be so forward and eventually get that pony to stop. The ground is soft the pony is so little and the girl is giggling shes having asmuch fun as the pony is and if you noticed toward the end on the last ride the little girl was almost getting the sit back and hold on.she gets that down she can get him to move forward and stop his antics. The pony isnt mean or trying to kill her heck she was hugging his butt for a minute there. A good rider is a rider who can get back on shes going to be great!

  8. TDub

    I grew up riding an equally stubborn pony, I’m certainly happy no-one stopped us or referred to him as a “nag” because I learned that good horsemanship prevailed in the long run.

    Shetland Ponies are stubborn little brutes with minds of their own and this one is exactly what you’d expect.

    Although it may be that the girl is far to big to be riding him, perhaps that’s why he’s not at all happy with being ridden. No-one has thought about that one.


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