If AQHA Offered Ranch Trail At Regular Shows – Would You Show In It?

Ranch Riding is a newer class at AQHA shows, but it already has huge entries.  In 2015, there were 120 entries in the Senior Ranch Riding at the AQHA World Show! The class has definitely made a big impact and the numbers seem to still be growing.

The video below was taken at the Versaitility Ranch Horse World Championships. If you would like to only see the Ranch Trail portion, scroll to minute 3:10.  The original Ranch Trail video we posted was removed by the user, this is a great example as well.

Would You Show In Ranch Trail At Regular AQHA Shows?

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Currently AQHA offers Ranch Trail at their Versatility Ranch Horse shows, but not at their regular shows. If they offered it at regular shows, is this something you’d like to show in? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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13 Responses

  1. Dorothy

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I have worked on many of these elements myself and find the challenge of all the obstacles very rewarding.

  2. Alicia

    This class would be fantastic with a couple if stipulations. No fake tails (like ranch riding) and natural manes. This should be for the working horses, not the slow loper obstacle course competitors.

  3. Leanne

    The article is incorrect. Any regular show can add any individual VRH class, including ranch trail.

  4. Anonymous

    I need a mounting block therefore the ground tie and would have me leaving the ring

  5. Kimberly

    My vote was a yes but my tablet shifted and it registered a no! How do I change mine vote?

  6. Kimberly

    My vote was a yes but my tablet shifted and it registered a no! How do I change my vote?

  7. John

    This class would show what the western horse is really all about. True versatility of the American Quarter Horse. None of this fake tail and 3 beat lope that looks like 4 beat lame lope. Hope AQHA looks forward and returns to the beautiful natural movement of the Quarter Horse.


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