1,000 Wild Horses set to be rounded up in Northern California {Possible Slaugther}

The U.S. Forest Service is set to round up 1,000 wild horses in Northern California and they’ve acknowledged that many could be sold to slaughterhouses. This is the first “horse gather” in 13 years and activists are alarmed. The roundup is planned to start on Oct. 9 take place throughout the month.

“Our territory is supposed to have 206 to 402 animals, we have almost 4,000 horses,” Modoc National Forest Supervisor Amanda McAdams said in a statement.

All of the horses will be made available for adoption. There are an estimated 300 animals ages 10 and older. After a 30-day period, they will be made available for sale without any limitations ($1 each). Many fear that this will allow kill buyers to purchase horses by the truckload once a week until they’re gone and ship them to Canada for slaughter.

Information about how horses can be adopted is available here.  Source:  sacbee.com. 

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