Watch: Class Or Ass? Steve Coburn Rant After Losing Belmont!

An interview with California Chrome’s owner after losing the Belmont? Do you agree with what he said? Sore loser, or honest horseman? You decide! If you like this video, please share it with your friends on Facebook 🙂

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    • Robert

      Totally agree. The line up for Preakness and Belmont
      Should be restricted only to horses who ran the Derby.

    • BarryO

      Totally agree!!!!!!! If a horse hasn’t won the Kentucky Derby, it shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Pimlico or Belmont!!!! The nerve of those bastard Republican 1%er’s to steal little Stevie’s race!!!!!

  1. Dianne

    I totally agree with him ~ this race as amazing as it was to watch ~ was sad to see ~ the only horses running this race should have been the elite that ran the Derby

  2. Donna

    He certainly had a target on his back and the other jockeys were NOT going to let him thru. Sadly even to the point of clipping heels. Very bad sportsmanship and that is exactly why there is not going to be a Triple Crown winner. That plus, the trainers that run 3-6 horses in a race. One good one and the others just to get in the way.

  3. Anonymous

    ii totally agree. all entrants should do the three races. it would make the race fairer!

  4. Runningwater

    I totaly agree with him! He had every right to be angry. Only horses that ran the durby & preakness should be allowd. It’s just not fair to have fresh horses and more to just get in the way! Finally someone had the BALLS to say something out LOUD!! He has tough skin he can take bad things they want to say but he HAS a GREAT HORSE!! Ranks at the top! WTG Chrome!!

  5. Rhonda

    I agree 100%. A ball team can’t go to the World Series unless they’ve earned their way, so why should a horse get to run in only 1 of the races. He’s absolutely correct!!

  6. Jerrod

    I agree 100%. Only the qualifying horses should be able to run in any of the big 3 races. If your going to run in 1 you should run in all 3. I’d be irritated too.

  7. Zoom

    Oh, I totally agree! It’s not fair to him or even Curlin who’s made the long haul to the end. I don’t like the fact when his wife tried to calm him. He screamed at her at the end. That alone makes him a A$$

  8. Seeya2

    The triple crown is supposed to be a challenge. It’s been done 12 times in 146 years. It’s not impossible. 3 horses did it in the 70s. If your horse is a true superstar, nothing will stop him from winning.

  9. Pony lover

    He has a legitimate complaint. In the ‘old days’ all the Derby horses ran in all three races unless they scratched. Rules have changes, and not for the better.

  10. Justsomeguy

    The thing is, the triple crown isn’t set up for a horse to win it every year. That is what makes it such a phenomenal achievement for the horses that have done it. This guy is upset that his horse didn’t win the triple crown, understandably so. He is pretty naive to suggest that all the horses running in this race should be subjected to the same schedule as his horse simply so his horse has a better chance of winning all 3 races. If you are preparing your horse to try to win the Belmont Stakes and someone tells you that you have to travel and run your horse in 2 previous races that have nothing to do with qualifying for that race so someone else’s horse has a better chance of winning the Belmont???? You would ask if they were drunk, which incidentally California Chrome’s owner appears to be!!!

    I think the trainer put it well when he said the owner is new to racing and hasn’t had to deal with this kind of frustration and disappointment before. A very diplomatic response to his horse’s owner carrying on like a child who says it’s not fair when they beaten.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it is naïve at all to think that all horses that run for the chance at a triple crown title should run in all 3 races. Our triathletes have to compete in all 3 events in order to win so why shouldn’t it be the same for horse racing? I do not think he is a poor sport for his horse loosing. This man obviously has achieved a lot in his lifetime to say he is a poor sport or uneducated in horse racing is not nice. Give him a break already.

  11. Cheryl White

    He is exactly right. This man has withstood so much criticism for his horse and deserves to have his opinion heard. I as many do agree with what he has to say. NO horse should be eligible to run unless they have ran in all races prior. California Chrome is and always will be a winner in my eyes. His owner is awesome and he loves his horse.


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