18 Horses Killed In Barn Fire – Please Pray For Everyone Involved

Eighteen horses were killed early Wednesday morning in a barn fire in Plainfield, Illinois. Firefighters were called to Del Real Stables around 1:15am. When they arrived the stable workers and horse owners were already trying to rescue horses trapped inside. Story continued below.

There were 30 horses in the barn at the time of the fire. They let out 11 and the stable owner put an alert on Facebook to help find them. As of 7:30 am, he said all the horses had been accounted for. A total of 18 horses lost their life in the fire.

Firefighters from eight nearby towns helped fight the fire. “With the Fourth of July, pretty much anywhere you go, there are fireworks being shot. That is something that we are looking at. Right now, we don’t have any indication that fireworks were the cause. One of the things we do is walk around the property, areas that are unaffected by the fire, especially in this circumstance, to see if there is any firework debris – paper-related to fireworks debris – left behind. As of right now, we have not found anything like that,” Plainfield Police Chief John Konopek said.

Mikayla Popik posted this video below of her horses that passed away in a group on Facebook.

Mikayla wrote, “My sweet baby boy perished in a barn fire this morning, along with twelve others. I am heartbroken beyond words. I loved him so much and would give anything to have him with me again.”

Source, abc7chicago.com.  I cannot imagine waking up in the middle of the night and finding my barn on fire.  My heart breaks for everyone involved in this situation.  Please Share this on Facebook and pray for everyone affected by this tragedy.

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  1. Leslie M Wilder

    So so sorry for your loss. Devastating. Take care of yourself and don’t beat yourself up!


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