2012 Olympic Gold Medalist To Be Sold To Auction With NO RESERVE!

Uthopia a 2001 dark bay stallion is going up for auction in Northern Ireland May 27th . As many of you may or may not know, Uthopia is not just your run of the mill stallions, he has a lifetime of accomplishments in the show ring. He has won 5 championship medals, one of those he helped Great Britain win the Team Gold Medal in Dressage at the 2012 London Olympics. He also won two individual silvers at the 2011 European Championships.

Uthopia will be sold via Wilsons Auctions with no reserve price, there will also be online bidding available. This has brought up some concern for those who have loved and cared for Uti over the years. He is being sold by Tom Keenan & James Neill joint owners to cover a bankruptcy debt. Those around him are concerned for his welfare and think that this is degrading to such a high caliber of a horse. It has been reported that he needs another year off and has received ongoing vet care and therapy over the last four years. They feel he should be retired and allowed to live out his days in a pasture just being a horse.

Wilsons Auctions has stated they will take the welfare of the horse seriously and will maintain the level of care and attention that he has previously received. Uthopia will stay at his current location till sold to his new home. There has been a lot of global interest for him clients have inquired from France, Holland, Spain and even England.

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Carl Hester, who showed Uthopia and is not the subject of bankruptcy is trying to find financial backers to help him purchase the stallion so that Uthopia can live out his days in his yard. This is an unfortunate event and we truly hope this amazing stallion gets the best home possible.

Would you like to see Uthopia back in the show ring despite his soundness issues, or do you believe he should be retired to Carl Hester’s pasture? We’d love to know your thoughts. Share this on Facebook if you think Uthopia deserves a wonderful retirement!

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  1. Anne Norman

    I definitly think Utopia should be alowed to retire after working his whole life. I don’t think it’s right when people rub horses into the ground, and it sounds like that’s what’s happening to this horse. Let him retire he deserves it.


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