5 Things We Can Learn From Horses…Sometimes They Know More Than We Do!

Sometimes I look at my horse and think that the all the secrets to life are wrapped up inside her. She teaches me every day. Here are 5 things we can all learn from horses 🙂


Live In The Moment – Horses have mastered the art of living in the moment. They don’t hang out in their pasture worrying about life. They are simply enjoying the moment and the moment is beautiful!

Forgiveness – I’ve seen so many horses treated unfairly by riders who did so knowingly and riders who didn’t know any better (like beginners). If you would like a lesson in forgiveness, just visit your local riding school. Those lesson horses have hearts of gold. They continually teach new riders day after day, their forgiveness is truly remarkable.  If you’ve ever worked with an abused horse, you know that forgiveness doesn’t always come easily, but it does eventually come.  Often times creating an even more amazing bond than you would have had before.  Horses are such amazing animals, we are so lucky that they are so forgiving of our mistakes.


Sometimes Getting Dirty Can Be Fun – All you have to do is watch a horse roll in a mud puddle to know that they are truly having fun. They’re not worried about the bath they’re going to have to take later or whether it will mess up their hair. When I was a child going to my first horse show on my white appaloosa, I bathed him to the best of my abilities. The second I was done he untied the knot I had him tied in and rolled in the dirt! He was enjoying that moment and teaching me a great lesson….learn to tie better knots!

Honesty – Horses are always honest. They don’t hide their true intentions. They always show you how they feel in their own way. When a horse is communicating with you, you know that they are being 100% genuine and that my friends is a GIFT! I wish more people were as honest as horses are 🙂

Horses love greeting

Friendship – Horses are the most loyal friends and companions. When one horse is blind, often times they will pair them with a companion “guide” horse to care for them. It is so beautiful to see animals taking care of each other. Friendship is for life 🙂

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