50 Horses Poisoned By Contaminated Feed, 13 Have Sadly Passed Away

Fifty horses were poisoned by contaminated feed according to Katie Flanigan, owner of Black Fence Farm in Clovis, California. They are passing away from terrible seizures. Turtle, a horse who competed as a hunter and also gave trail rides to wounded warriors, stumbled and collapsed. One horse went through a fence. The video below shows the owners and the horses. In the video they show bags of a feed called “Kruse’s Equine Promise”, but we have not confirmed if that was the feed actually fed to the horses. Sadly, the video is very graphic.

There have been 13 deaths so far. According to Flanigan the deaths were caused by feed contamination with monesin. Monesin is an additive used in cattle feed, but it is deadly to horses. Flanigan has sued the manufacturer Western Milling, alleging negligence.

Western Milling recalled 1,100 bags of the feed voluntarily for “potential contamination”. In a statement to Inside Edition, they said “While we do not comment on pending litigation, we are always saddened at the loss of a companion animal. The potentially contaminated feed was recalled.” The video below

The good news is that the feed is off the shelves. Sadly for Flanigan and her customers, she says that there is no hope for the other ill horses and they too will eventually die. Flanigans stable specializes in teaching children to ride and show horses. Sadly Flanigan and her customers have all suffered a devastating loss.

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  1. Kim Sloboda

    This is utterly devastating, and there truly are no words that are strong enough, or tender enough or angry enough at this moment. The loss of these amazing horses and ponies is heartbreaking. As a horse owner/trainer, I not only have my horses under my care, but my boarders as well. As barn owners, we make sure the horses in our care are well taken care of, fed with quality feed and hay, have good bedding, clean water, and well maintained rings and paddocks. The contamination of the feed was unforeseen and unexpected. There was no malice on anyone’s part, just a very bad mistake by on the part of the feed mill. My animals, and those of my clients are like family members — each with a unique personality, likes and dislikes, and each has a purpose and is proud and exhilarated to do their “job”. This was evident in the video and pictures I saw of your horses. Whether a show horse, a school horse, trail horse — doesn’t matter. One can’t put a price on each of these wonderful horses/ponies as individuals. My heart was breaking for all who are affected by this disaster: The barn owner, the owners of each animal, the students who come to ride. And I so feel for the animals themselves — they are confused and in pain — they do not understand what is happening to them. They are aware that many of their stable buddies are gone. Especially poignant was what one of the young girls said — they all try to go down to the barn and be with the horses and ponies, give them love, attention and compassion. As much as it hurts to go to the barn at this time, as emotionally painful as it is, these remaining animals NEED all the strength and attention their human family can give them now. Trying to be brave will be difficult, but these animals need to feel your love and touch. Many people are saying prayers and sending energetic support, hoping there will be a resolution soon. There will be emotional and spiritual scars, but we are nothing if not resilient in the horse world. Sending as much positive energy as I can to all of you!

  2. Lisa Alberts

    I’m in Moz and my horses were contaminated with salinomycin as well as monensin over a period of minimum 5 weeks.
    Absolutely heartbreaking .
    We can be found under Tsamadhi on facebook.

  3. Dawn

    So sorry for everyones loss.we too are dealing with same thing at small farm in Mich,its so sad to watch these innocent animals suffer.


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