6 Ways To Say Thank You To Your Horse Trainer

prestige equineAs romantic and wonderful as horse training sounds, it’s a tough job. The hours are endless, the pay is low and nothing is guaranteed. Horse trainers do it because of one thing, passion. If you have a great trainer that’s always going the extra mile for you and your horse, here are 6 ways to say thank you.

1) Bring them coffee or lunch. Trainers get so caught up in training and teaching their clients, that sometimes they don’t have time to eat. Surprise them with a coffee when you get to the barn or text them on your way to see if they’d like you to pick up lunch.

2) Help unload the horse trailer after a show. If you’re exhausted after a horse show, imagine how your trainer feels. Most trainers are the first ones to the show and the last ones to leave. After a long show the last thing they want to do is unload the horse trailer, but it needs to be done so they do it. Instead of heading strait home from the show, offer to drive back to the barn and help them or come the next day to help get everything put away. They will really appreciate the unexpected kind gesture.

3) Pay your bills on time and don’t cause unnecessary drama. This is a give in and probably shouldn’t be on the list, but we included it anyways.  Trainers shouldn’t have to hound their clients to pay bills or play mediator between clients who are bickering, but often times they are put in a situation where they have no choice. It is our responsibility as clients to pay our bills at time and not cause drama at the barn.

4) Stick around after everyone leaves to help clean up. Most of us are in a hurry. We have a scheduled amount of time for our riding lesson and then we are off to doing the next thing. At the end of the day, trainers are left with a lot of chores after we all go home. Even if you just offer to blanket the horses or sweep the barn isle, these little acts of kindness go a long way.

5) Ask them to do something outside of the barn. Invite them to your home for dinner, ask them out to a restaurant or just go do something fun! Trainer’s spend most of their time at the barn and will appreciate the change of scenery and knowing that you appreciate them as a person as well.

6) Talk about them to your friends and thank them on social media. Most trainers will always welcome more business. If they have done something exceptional for you, tag them in a post on your Facebook page. People are finding horse trainers on Facebook more and more. They visit trainer’s Facebook pages to see what people are saying. If they see a lot of posts from happy clients, it may give them the extra confidence they need to move to your barn.

Photo Credit, Prestige Equine. Share this on Facebook if you have a horse trainer that is always going the extra mile!

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